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371 Dead Herring in Norway! (2012-01-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “That’s NOT a great question!!” (1:58:03)
0:00:32New Red Book for 2012, ACC’s spot-on Romney-Santorum-Paul lineup prediction; Iowa Rep. Linda Upmeyer to C-SPAN caller’s question about votes being counted in Illinois: “sure, sure, that’s a great question”, tallying to take place at “Camp… er, excuse me”; Iowa official: falsification ”would be in no one’s interest“; director skit with with CNN cutting off Dana Bash and Ron Paul supporter’s 9/11 tattoo
0:14:04Stephen Colbert’s “caucus tease”; Romney’s six fewer votes in Linn County than 2008; Gingrich calls Romney a liar on CBS Early Show; Saturday candidate placement predictions
0:21:20God warns Pat Robertson “this country will begin disintegrating” due to economic collapse
0:27:07Producer Segment:; service bell for radio show caller
0:34:57Rick Santorum’s rapid-fire “why, because” NLP litany to Meet the Press, “I’ll support laws that move the ball forward, that doesn’t mean that’s my position and that’s where I’d like to go” doublespeak, “we’ll compromise on less less government, but not going the other way”
0:41:38Another nine bills signed in the dead of night: Belarus Democracy and Human Rights Act propaganda mandate, H.R.1059 redaction authority, H.R.1892 Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 §414 “Official Record of the Osama bin Laden Operation”, bogus “planned or supported numerous other deadly terrorist attacks”, “sheer professional magnificence” on the part of military spooks, DHS taking a renewed interest in molesting people at train stations
1:03:08H.R.3166 Enemy Expatriation Act to strip US nationals of citizenship, ACC: “you’re screwed!”; ICE mistakenly deports Texas runaway to Colombia
1:06:55And Now Back to Real News: Kim Kardashian pushing California tax increases; Michelle Obama all-in on the title “your excellency” on iCarly
1:10:37NewsHour analyst on Iran closing Strait of Hormuz like “drinking a glass of gasoline”; Sen. Chris Coons on socialist US vs capitalist Chinese approaches to Africa article “Haiti: Seven Places Where Earthquake Money Did and Did Not Go” with US government as primary beneficiary, 0.4% for Haitian NGOs, Clinton-Bush fund’s $29M of $54M for luxury hotel, Ambassador Kenneth Merton’s “the gold rush is on!”
1:28:38Morning Edition admits academic medical centers like Vanderbilt University are buying “ad time” on NPR, make-good for University of Michigan
1:37:50Donation Segment: JCD’s mysterious $124.07 button
1:46:25Tens of thousands of disappearing dead herring from northern Norwegian Stargate
1:48:04“Old school!” Cornel West all-in on unpaid service work for the younger generation
1:50:19Win Lose or Drone: Predator drones patrolling US-Canada border; sixty companies flying drones in British airspace; Dvorak-Curry Drones, .drone TLD; Montana to drone wolves
1:56:50Charles Barkley to Jon Stewart: best team query “a great question” (JCDPPotD)
1:58:15Eric Holder to appear before Congress again, “bag lady” assistant Laurie Robinson resigns
2:01:30Ms. Micky spots chemtrails, Austin dropping 1.8 doses of rabies vaccine from the air
2:05:43Germans irked at losing ECB board members, €3bn for Ireland & Portugal, Deutsch Mark resurrection; SEPA Single Euro Payments Area direct debit for convenient government theft
2:11:11Mother Jones Ron Paul hit piece “Crackpots Do Not Make Good Messengers” by cat blogger Kevin Drum; Bob Schieffer doesn’t know “a single impartial observer” who thinks Paul can be nominated or elected; Al Gore mocks idea of “bringing aaall American troops home”
2:21:37Scripted question for Jay Carney on CFPB head Richard Cordray’s “recess” appointment