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370 Tag and Track (2012-01-01)

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0:00:00ACC: “TMTV Awards: the Terrorist Music Television Awards!” (2:05:52)
0:00:41ACC’s “abort, retry, fail” Skype crashes; JCD the New Year’s Eve designated driver, ACC’s dinner at San Antonio Riverwalk; Times Square “New Year of the retards” sponsored by Nivea
0:11:26Obama signs NDAA in the dead of night with “serious reservations” signing statement for the “safety, security, and liberty of the American people”; Los Angeles Times on military contractors integrated in “the drone kill chain”; PATRIOT Act potentially redundant
0:19:53Egyptian military raiding offices of sketchy techno-expert NGOs; State Department spokeshole Victoria Nuland’s script: “they do things like train poll monitors”; Lucifer Clinton’s NDI keynote on using US “presence, influence, and global leadership to support change”, NGOs that “the American taxpayers pay for”; off-script Indian reporter befuddles Nuland with David Headley question, on-script reporter asks about comedy act touring India; Make Chai not War “fuck the British” screed; Nuland on $100k in taxpayer-funded “religious tolerance” workshops
0:36:58Producer Segment
0:47:43Fox News “scripted bit” with disgraced WMD journalist Judith Miller on Iran’s Strait of Hormuz threat and penchant for “crazy and unpredictable things in the past”, threatening US “four or five times a week”; Syrian regime changing street signs to fool Arab League observers
0:59:25ACC joins carrot-crunching competition; ACC predicts “October surprise” by Obama
1:01:56Iowa Caucus votes to be counted in undisclosed location to foil Occupy Wall Street, ACC Red Book: Romney, Santorum, then Paul; MSM now trotting out panels of black women; JCD Red Book: Paul in first or second; “Iowa doesn’t matter” MSM compilation; NewsHour’s David Brooks & Mark Shields all-in on Iowa over the “coastal smug states”; MSNBC: 40% of Iowa voters find Paul “unacceptable”; 2008 compilation of MSM gushing over Iowa’s importance
1:17:59Producer notes on government using .net and .org because of Obama restricting .gov, submerged nuclear submarines lurking near all bases, NYT Soros report from November
1:21:42EU celebrating new year with economic fearmongering, Mario Monti calling for “beefed up” bailout fund, “the treasury bond auctions that took place this week went pretty well”, Spanish village reverting to use of pesetas; Dutch PIN smart cards; Danish MILF Helle Thorning-Schmidt running European Council; Netherlands considering college subsidies and loans; San Francisco’s Academy of Art University real estate empire
1:32:11Possible two to the head plane crash for solar power company Amonix CEO Brian Robertson, $9.5M stimulus and $15.6 from Department of Energy, ACC: “I don’t think I’m ever gonna go flying again, ever”; Fisker Automotive recalling Karma hybrids over fire hazard
1:35:19Chelsea Clinton channeling NPR with “now until midnight tonight” donation matching e-mail
1:38:04Donation Segment: “Crock Pot & Bug Kill”
1:59:51Pitfalls of shipping Knight rings overseas; Kim Jong-un’s weird-looking haircut
2:03:52Midland International Airport evacuated over explosives “not considered a security threat” carried by US soldier; NPR: “it wasn’t hard this year to find a terrorist group” on the internet, “best known terrorist music recording” for al-Shabaab, ACC “Terrorist MTV Countdown!”
2:11:33CCTV “tag and track” software spying on British citizens, “massive support” according to CEO; 13-year-old Yorkshire boy with alopecia punished for wearing hat, JCD: “they’re baldists!”; Boston Consulting Group: don’t outsource to China
2:20:08Obama declares National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
2:20:53Another New Year’s Eve wave of dead birds; Andrew Napolitano rant for end of show