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36 Yahoo+Microsoft=Britney Spears (2008-06-22)

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0:00:27ACC at David Hill charity dinner in Brighton, looking at real estate there, UK stagflation, argumentative Irish; Martha Stewart barred from UK
0:12:36Enron loophole still unpatched for oil futures trading, autonomous City of London and “Balls Clause”; IPCC global warming report and CO2 taxes, Al Gore presentation SEC disclosure, massive net worth, An Inconvenient Truth “advertorial”; useless weather forecasts, shouting-down of alternative thinkers, online carbon calculators; VCR Plus for clueless consumers; worldwide marketing effort, Gore a true believer, 1992 Earth in the Balance, “trading air”, JCD: “turn off the lights in San Francisco”; oil companies divvying up Iraq
0:29:36Lisbon Treaty and ubiquitous California propositions with confusing language, European Citizens’ Initiative and Eurovision Song Contest; MEP on fascist state to ACC: “I wouldn’t go that far”; Stewart Wheeler lawsuit over ratification without UK referendum, Euro-skepticism; legal harmonization and information sharing; JCD recommends Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired; ACC on procedure for flying into UK
0:46:10ECB and inflation control; Martha Stewart and visa issue, airlines verifying passenger data, Soviet Union exit control; Surrey police using Lantern fingerprint readers; credit card companies sending data to US government, JCD on gas and tennis shoes pattern; phone company immunity in customer privacy
1:03:57ACC on paying parking tickets to pass Dutch border, San Francisco privatization of parking enforcement, $.25 for 5 minutes; ACC won Disneyland vacation in raffle
1:14:55Bill Gates documentary, “farewell tour”, angling for Nobel Peace Prize, JCD on sitting behind him on flight, believing he invented computer, car inventor “Tommy Toyota”; JCD MarketWatch open letter, ACC proposes “Microsoft + Yahoo = Britney Spears” article; TWiT media hits, JCD on being constantly misinterpreted by listeners
1:28:16No interns for Daily Source Code, JCD on radio “combo man”, personal assistant; JCD on news scan, Rush Limbaugh explanation for Tim Russert obsession, Limbaugh beneficiary of ditching Fairness Doctrine