Call Clooney!

369 Phobos Grunts (2011-12-29)

Show 369 album art
0:00:00JCD: “So these are the experts running our country??” (2:14:43)
0:00:33Most people unable to listen to Show 368 in one go; 369 numerology; JCD’s friend spat at for speaking Québécois to the French; ACC’s CIA piggy bank and swag
0:07:09H.R.3765 Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act 2% tax increase on $110k+, permanent Fannie & Freddie fee increases, Obama forced to make Keystone XL pipeline decision
0:15:06Dorothy Rabinowitz: Ron Paul supporters “unmistakably represent the breed of neo-Nazis”, “foreign policy stuff that everybody knows about”; Fox idiot: “I have not read the newsletters”; Al Sharpton and Joe Scarborough gripe about Paul’s “anti-Semitism”; stammering former aide Eric Dondero now shilling for other Republican campaigns; Producer Maynard for end of show; Paul’s black supporters inspired by his drug policy vs prison industrial complex
0:31:50New York Times lying about cancellations and screwing its reporters
0:33:09Producer Segment: The Drone Star State;,
0:45:37Australian producers’ No Agenda short film
0:47:35New York Times finds members of Congress are rich, Soros’ Center for Responsive Politics
0:53:44All In: The Education of General David Petraeus “leaked” ahead of publication, White House irked at Wes Clark, CIA vs Obama scenario, Petraeus author “field agent” Paula Broadwell
0:59:29Nike’s “blatant PR move” staging riots over its new shoe à la Girls Gone Wild
1:01:55NYT boosts Syria to page A-6, US-Russia deal to whisk Assad to safety, Hala Gorani returns
1:05:44Wolf Blitzer on Rick Santorum’s “stunning” surge to third place; Gary Johnson ditches GOP, Fox siding with Mitt Romney, Paul-Kennedy parallel, ACC Red Book: switch to third party
1:13:13“Coincidence” of Greenhill & Company plane crash and failed AT&T and T-Mobile merger
1:14:22Obama re-election campaign returns $70k in tainted contributions from Jon Corzine, Joe Biden in 2009: “I literally picked up the phone and called Jon Corzine” for advice
1:18:14CNN breaking news: Santorum “shakeup”; MTV firing Carolyne Heldman over hairy legs
1:22:32JCD demonstrates “outstanding product” carrots from Nash’s Produce in Port Angeles WA
1:23:26CNN on “a human rights group” suing UN over Haitian cholera outbreak; Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti “douchebags out to steal money”
1:29:29ACLU’s annual list of lost rights, Montana NDAA recalls; Rep. Austin Badon pushing for National Guard in New Orleans because “we cannot allow certain individuals to carry guns and to go out and shoot people on a daily basis”, marching feet “I feel comfortable now!” skit
1:37:25H.R.2055 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Act with $13M White House redecorating budget for Michelle Obama
1:41:00Donation Segment: Tine butter monopoly in Norway
2:00:13“Curious streaking star” over Europe “probably a meteorite or a piece of space junk”; Russian Phobos-Grunt satellite’s return to Earth pinpointed, ACC Red Book: “EMP over Iran”
2:04:43Captain of nuclear submarine “fired” after near miss with tanker near Seattle; Fukushima debris field the size of Japan itself; “mojo” meme promoting new Austin Powers movie
2:10:44Hugo Chávez suggests US has technology to cause cancer in world leaders
2:13:16Feinstein’s 2010 “another terrorist attempted attack on the homeland” (JCDPPotD)
2:15:31State Department Rewards for Justice NGO targeting “fundraiser” Ezedin Abdel Aziz Khalil
2:27:33NATO cyberwarfare exercise and Stratfor breach; McAfee’s Threats Predictions 2012; Russia accused of attacking Georgian web sites; Joe Lieberman calling on Twitter to block Taliban
2:37:06Shadow Puppet Theater: Carlyle Group’s Jerome Powell nominated to Fed Board of Governors