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367 Hats of State (2011-12-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ooh look, a napkin!” (2:06:34)
0:00:30JCD in Washington State, Seattle & Austin lesbian “sister cities”; CNN celebrating “smokin’ hot” Navy lesbian kiss photo celebrating the end of don’t ask don’t tell; No Agenda MIA on iTunes, showing up empty in Chrome
0:06:57“We can’t wait” reality show and expiring payroll tax cut; Obama’s American Express Best Buy shopping trip; Steny Hoyer yells at John Boehner for adjourning session and turning off C-SPAN cameras; Democrat dirty tricks for JCD clip show; Social Security’s $6.5T cash deficit, Post Office privatization kill switch, “hatchet man” Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe
0:24:12Ron Paul in 2008 explaining to Wolf Blitzer why the racist newsletters are bogus; Paul walks away from apologetic “it’s legitimate!” Gloria Borger; mocking ABC meme “Ron Paul type of mojo”; Bob Shrum: “the truth of the matter” is that Paul is “unacceptable in America”; Wall Street Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz puts Paul in the same basket as 9/11 truthers; WSJ finds Paul’s investment choices deeply anti-American, JCD: “that is bogative!”
0:38:52Producer Segment
0:48:19Joe Biden’s “Taliban is not our enemy” gaffe; Kim Jong-il dead on train; producer note on Leavenworth spooks predicting October surprise war with Iran; Iran using tungsten as a uranium substitute; Syrian Observatory for Human Rights an arm of Al Jazeera in London; Djibouti getting enormous amounts of money due to US drone base
0:58:22CNBC World on “federal Europe” as European superstate; Haiku Herman’s Christmas message from the “meeting room of the European Council of hats of state”, “jops” vs “zero gross”, “at the level of the Union, we are helping, monitoring, and surveilling”, bizarre “the legacy of our founding fathers”, founding fathers Wikipedia page’s 2007 origin; new Spanish economy minister formerly of Lehman Brothers; European Central Bank signaling dismal outlook; Belgian general strike over austerity measures, 15k listing religion as “Knights of the Jedi” on Czech Republic census, Netherlands considering a year of compulsory public service for teens; Deutsche Bank president: “for us, Europe is much more than a currency or a single market”
1:19:45Vast baby-stealing black market in Spain since the Franco era, ACC: “well, the reptilians have to eat something”; Dutch report finds 20k children molested by Catholic clergy
1:25:22Piers Morgan testifying about phone “hacking” via Skype from his US hidey-hole, media unconcerned with US and British governments spying on the citizenry (ACCPPotD)
1:31:43Rainbow Six: Patriots game trailer with banker thrown out of window with explosive belt
1:34:53Donation Segment: Don’t Be a Boner, Be a Donor jingle; Krampus: A Christmas Tale
1:52:21One year left before the end of the world on December 21 2012; UFO researcher Peter Gersten’s plan to jump off Bell Rock in Sedona into a portal; JCD on dismal offerings from once-great outfits like National Geographic; E-Cat Energy Catalyzer nickel-hydrogen cold fusion device
2:00:17Sean Penn celebrity “help us help Haiti home” promo by sketchy for-profit CrowdRise; Obama dinner lottery; Jim Sensenbrenner apologizing to Michelle Obama for “big butt” comments
2:11:55Lucy Napolitano to Erin Burnett: DHS not “Department of Guarantees”; JCD on magnetometer-only lanes at Oakland International Airport; Canadian couple grilled at border by “take a seat!” Gestapo douchebag, “I would say three a day” terrorists captured (CotD)
2:23:42Canadian researchers to begin testing HIV vaccine in humans; controversial Dutch H5N1 research to be published on need to know basis; Dakota Meyer drops BAE suit
2:29:03Two Greenhill & Company bankers dead in plane crash; Stanley McChrystal hired by Siemens