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366 Fools & Knaves (2011-12-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “You haven’t had anything bad happen, right? Then the rock must be working.”
0:00:34ACC in the market for a “symphony orchestra” slide whistle like “fifth Beatle” JCD’s; JCD’s “infamous clip show” in final phase of postproduction
0:03:25House version of $660bn NDAA, child rape cutoff at twelve years, Lightsquared GPS interference, geospatial research NGOs, anachronistic “cyberspace”, Pentagon audit delayed until 2017, Section 1032 indefinite detention exemption for US citizens, no Guantánamo Bay closure, DoD FOIA exemptions for Obama’s “most transparent government in history”
0:21:23Pentagon “civilians” farmed out to foreign governments under NDAA, “exploitation functions” on computer networks, accelerated drone integration, Section 1081 changing PSYOPS to “military information support operations”, cash contributions to Secretary of Defense, Hillary Clinton’s Global Security Contingency Fund, counterterrorism in Djibouti, $1.75bn for Pakistan, $524M for Office of Security Cooperation in Iraq, African Standby Force, Lucifer Clinton in Georgia ahead of sale of “defense articles”, control over Iranian oil exports; money for economic hit men in Afghanistan, “transregional web initiative” propaganda
0:39:40Producer Segment: “donating is loving”, ACC invited to “church of the Second Amendment”
0:49:35ACC’s legislation-scanning superpower; missing annex from Executive Order 13593 mostly about child pornography; lawyer makes bogus parallel with WikiLeaks; two different Bradley Mannings, witnesses testifying via telephone, “Breanna Manning” gender identity issues
0:58:57Newt Gingrich’s douchebaggery toward his second wife Googlewashed; Gingrich advocates letting a few terrorist attacks succeed, JCD’s “National Security Rock”
1:05:34Michelle Obama jets off to Hawaii with “Sasha and Taniqua” leaving Barack behind, Jay spokeshole Carney reads defense of this “extravagance” from a chat box on his computer, JCD: “they should have Watson be the new press secretary!”
1:13:12Fox breaking news: US troops leave Iraq “except for a residual force”; bogus $800bn price tag; CNN’s Jack Cafferty: “the beginning of yet another long-term occupation”
1:19:15John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: Ron Paul “ground game” meme; Paul calls out Michele “fools and knaves” Bachmann and the media on IAEA “Iran is within just months” lie; Paul’s “gay people and Muslims” Tonight Show appearance; MSNBC’s Ed Schultz plays shameful right-wing establishment Paul-bashing compilation; stick figure Megyn Kelly giving Newt Gingrich the evil eye; McLaughlin Group positioning Paul as insurance for Romney, idiot Eleanor Clift: “he believes in virtually no government”, Gingrich’s “space colonies”
1:40:52JCD recommends American Greed, Pfizer’s $2.3bn in civil and criminal penalties over “it might actually lead your skin to fall off” anti-inflammatory drug Bextra
1:45:14Donation Segment: Christmas karma for Molly Meldrum in critical condition
1:57:19Australia pushing Gardasil on boy; British press linking brain-eating amoeba to neti pot
2:04:49Department of Justice’s dismal study of “devastating harm” of school bullying
2:06:03Jimmy Kimmel “This Year in Unnecessary Censorship” compilation
2:08:40Angela Merkel crows about encouraging signs in Portugal and Greece; Political Ponerology on psychopaths in government, JCD recommends Snakes in Suits; Michelle Obama “I’m melting!
2:17:03BP Gulf Coast tourism ad run on PBS “Petroleum Broadcasting system”
2:19:28END:CIV documentary pushing violent revolution; keep an eye on union boss Leo Gerard
2:28:32BAE whistleblower Dakota Meyer to be stripped of Medal of Honor; GM bailout a $14bn loss
2:32:30FOIA documents link Eric Holder to the Oklahoma City bombing; DHS anti-cash PSA