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363 Mothership Uncloaking? (2011-12-08)

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0:00:00ACC: “Angela, I let you change the treaty, if you let us sodomize farm animals!” (1:25:19)
0:00:37ACC’s impression of Obama channeling Eric Burdon
0:02:43Darrell Issa reveals ATF using Fast & Furious to push gun legislation, incongruous “General Holder”, Holder tries to explain difference between lying and misleading Congress: “it all has to do with your state of mind”; “bungler” Jon Corzine expected to take the Fifth
0:08:03NDAA repeal of Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 125 against sodomy with humans and animals, JCD: “we take your Fourth Amendment rights but you’re gonna be able to fuck sheep!”; Alex Jones howling about Halliburton subsidiary KBR’s FEMA camp services
0:12:44Lady Gaga at the White House to champion her “passion project” of bullying; ACC on hypocrisy of celebrity magazines bullying pop stars, Piers Morgan’s hour devoted to mother of late bullied teen Phoebe Prince with no mention of her Prozac prescription, “God forbid we find up the ugly truth that our drugged-up kids are going nutso because of the drugs that we’ve put them on!” (ACCPPotD); douchebag Morgan on the run from justice in UK phone hacking scandal; News of the World offering CVC thousands for dirt on Peaches Geldof
0:25:48Producer Segment: CBS on California refugees heading to Austin for real estate prices
0:44:48Cenk Uygur: “we are here to punch the establishment in the mouth!”; awkward Erin Burnett in Dubai trying to ad-lib a transition, CNN promoting Mission: Impossible and The Muppets; Piers Morgan unfazed by David Axelrod’s assertion that Republicans want to raise taxes on the working class to protect millionaires; delusional Michael Moore to Morgan: British media “don’t demonize” political figures
0:57:11Judge Napolitano guest debunks regulation on children working on family farms; Newt Gingrich’s endorsement deal with the Clintons; bogus ABC statistics to distract from Ron Paul
1:06:43Lucifer Clinton addresses LGBT rights in Geneva; Columbia Professor Samuel Moyn to ACC on his book The Last Utopia and human rights as pretext for nation building, German fiscal takeover of Europe “the last time this happened is what accounted for the rise of Adolf Hitler”
1:20:54High-frequency trading inventor Carl Weinberg recommends ECB fire up the printing presses in spite of Lisbon Treaty; Sarkozy pulling power moves on Merkel, Greece releasing tenth anniversary ten-euro coin; Italian welfare minister Elsa Fornero in tears over adoption of austerity package; JCD on Wilson-era sedition laws
1:30:17ACC’s penis burn due to news of European Stability Mechanism bank bailout
1:32:43Donation Segment: ACC sings Sinterklaas Kapoentje; JCD’s “boxes of books”
1:54:55NASA photo of “spaceship uncloaking” between Sun and Mercury, lunar eclipse at 3:33 PST
1:56:25KRQE warns parents to “be on guard” against danger to children from “Peddabear”, “that is what the pedophiles are using to identify each other”, “if you do see a Pedobear image, use caution with whatever situation you’re in”
2:02:54New Mexico State University teaching drone classes, seeking more radio spectrum; ABC breaking news: FAA head Randy Babbitt resigns after drunk driving arrest
2:08:40Lucifer Clinton talking to Syrian National Council; Islamists win big in Egyptian election
2:13:22Riots in Russia over rigged elections, Fox News B-roll with palm trees
2:15:17Herman Cain parody campaign theory based on Pokémon quote
2:17:57Foiled plot to smuggle Saadi Qaddafi into Mexico; Bill Gates discussing new nuclear energy technology with China, “ability to simulate earthquake and tidal wave conditions”
2:24:11Outro: lawsuits against Hooters “breastaurants”; end-of-show Jon Stewart on NDAA