Call Clooney!

362 Drone Journalism (2011-12-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ehh, just call Johnny!” (1:52:25)
0:00:32Herman Cain: “it’s gonna be based on factual information that we are gonna be able to present in order to show that I had not done many of… the things that I have been accused of”
0:02:07ACC’s dinner with the neighbors, JCD: “I would sweep the house afterwards just to make sure”, antenna-studded headquarters building of RFID chip manufacturer 3M
0:05:41Producer Segment: no executive producers; ACC’s 2004 Barolo at Siena; Bruns Clothing
0:18:21CIA general counsel comes out against “enemy belligerents” legislation; al-Zawahiri demanding shutdown of Gitmo for release of USAID spook Warren Weinstein kidnapped in Pakistan
0:23:26ACC Red Book: Newt Gingrich about to “crash and burn”; new “Ron Paul army” meme, Fox & Friends: “boy is Ron Paul out!” of debate moderated by Donald Trump, idiot Alisyn Camerota: this race is fun!; Paul grilled over PATRIOT Act and Oklahoma City bombing at Fox Republican Presidential Forum: “is that an act of terrorism, Congressman?”; Lou Dobbs kisses Secret Service’s butt after they harass Oklahoma man over anti-Obama bumper sticker
0:41:01New York Times reveals DEA agents laundering money for Mexican drug cartels; possible fireworks when Eric Holder testifies again on December 8
0:42:48Fareed Zakaria predicts Assad on the way out, ACC: “it’s not time yet”
0:44:11Dutch scandal involving royalties collector BUMA/STEMRA extorting composer
0:47:20CNN propaganda about Hillary Clinton’s nonexistent high “approval rating”, JCD: Bill “looks like he’s gonna drop dead”, Reuters deconstructs Hillary’s dreadful outfit in Burma, “working on women and girls around the world” by smooching with Aung San Suu Kyi; New York Times photo of Chelsea emerging from an egg, Facebook page “hello from London”
0:59:18The Euro! jingle, 10th anniversary promo video: “Europe builds bridges and inspires hope!”, ACC: “have you seen Athens by any chance?”, Mario Draghi credits ECB for price stability, warning about end of exchange period for legacy banknotes, anti-counterfeiting propaganda, conspiracy theory predicting nullification of €500 notes; Federal Reserve printing money and handing it off to IMF; Ferengi-looking Angela Merkel calling for “greater European powers”
1:12:14“That’s a great question” revisited, JCD: “it’s not a great question!” (JCDPPotD)
1:12:55Pedobear Jerry Sandusky to New York Times: “I’m attracted to young people, boys, girls”
1:14:16UBS Warburg predicts “authoritarian or military government or civil war”
1:20:34Win Lose or Drone: drone journalism class to be offered by University of Nebraska
1:22:28Donation Segment: ACC’s Gene Simmons story; Producer Maynard for end of show
1:33:58Jim Stone asserts Fukushima tsunami was triggered by Israeli company Magna BSP
1:36:56WHO gives China go-ahead to get into the vaccine manufacturing business, Sinovac Biotech testing vaccine for hand-foot-and-mouth disease in children
1:40:22Magna BSP’s cool gadgets, automotive radar-on-a-chip, “hot electron bolometer”
1:48:11Julian Assange: “you’re all screwed” if you use an iPhone, a BlackBerry, or Gmail
1:50:17Vegan strip club in Portland; Alabama police arresting Japanese auto plant managers
1:53:25Pentagon Channel PSA encourages viewers to “stomp out bullying now”
2:02:52Egyptian protestors being blinded by rubber bullets; USAID’s $200M for Egyptian election
2:06:51Briefing for JCD on covering Carrier IQ spyware scandal on TWiT (ACCPPotD); Chamber of Commerce stooge to Gwen Ifill on the difficulty of finding infringing web servers; Chinese fake watch sites and Chanel honeypot
2:18:59ACC predicts Todd Rundgren headlining benefit concert for the 99%