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361 The Fact of the Bladder (2011-12-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “You look too much like Gaddafi, they’ll catch you and shoot you!” (1:41:27)
0:00:32Ms. Micky’s idiot laugh; ACC’s new Taurus Judge with .410 slugs and .45 Colt, Mimi’s rock salt shotgun rounds, “Tay-has” pronunciation, possible lunch with Rick Perry; Ann Coulter’s “douchebag” for John McCain bleeped; ACC’s neighbor’s three dogs and a goat
0:07:41Yogi Akal “tech numerology” readings for JCD & ACC, “you’re done!” with reincarnation
0:18:40Clinton Foundation IRS Form 990 finally materializes, a scant $15M from Haiti donations; Wyclef Jean thrown under the bus as distraction; Hillary looking rough in Burma
0:25:47National Crime Prevention Council PSA with Eric Holder warning against buying counterfeit goods, “thank you Attorney General Holder for adding your credible voice”, gangs dealing fake “IP products”; JCD’s silver-on-silver Movado watch, pre-Christmas Canal Street crackdowns, “a lot of bang for their buck” gunshot, bullcrap “more Americans losing their jobs” meme
0:37:32Producer Segment: ACC’s quest for appearance on Joe Rogan’s show
0:43:27“Amateur hour” uninterruptible fire alarm on set of NBC News
0:44:47Bloomberg News reporting Federal Reserve’s $7.8T in bank bailouts, Dennis Kucinich: “let’s take our freedom back from the Fed”; Ron Paul at Republican debate: financial situation “biggest threat to our national security”, idiot Romney just blames Obama
0:54:56Haiku Herman: “I told them in bread lines” his bailout plans, euro an “irreversible project”; Obama meets with “no stronger ally” Dutch PM Mark Rutte, “jops, jops, and jops”; wicked witch Michelle Obama: “oh yes, here’s a little one, you come on up! come on up!
1:04:07Pfizer’s $10bn Lipitor patent expiring, industry critic to NewsHour on Pfizer’s sleazy deals and anti-generics disinformation; ACC story: Janssen Pharmaceutica “like a refinery”; Ms. Micky’s friend’s school pushing vaccines and Ritalin
1:12:58Pedobear coaching scandal at Syracuse University; University of Utah professor caught viewing child pornography on Delta flight; Joris Demmink and daycare center abuse acquittal
1:17:48Romney stammers over Ahmadinejad and “genocide convention”; Democracy Now on takeover of British Embassy and MI6 “Atlanticists” seeking war with Iran; British public workers protesting retirement age increase, Jeremy Clarkson: “I’d have them all shot!”, pissed-off British cab driver rants “we’re sick to death of you and your like, David fucking Camer-face!”
1:31:21C-SPAN pundit on Iran’s inability to do anything with a nuclear weapon; JCD on US acting like “maniacs” building bases in Poland; dubious story about NATO being tricked by Taliban into killing 24 Pakistani soldiers; ACC: “I do believe” scheme is to split up Pakistan; Libyan rebel tells BBC contradictory story about identifying Gaddafi, Oil Minister Ali Tarhouni quits in disgust, 600 fighters sent into Syria, Turkish politician: US playing a “game” in Syria
1:45:51Donation Segment: ACC’s interview with [sic] author Joshua Cody; MN Zwarte Piet ban
2:05:11“The fact of the bladder”; Democracy Now on New York City lawsuit over homeless paperwork requirements; North Carolina drunk driving “BAT Mobile” complete with judge and jail
2:09:07Minnesota taskforce to address “emotional torture” bullying
2:12:40Author Peter Van Buren to Democracy Now on retaliation for his book We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People: “the State Department is very much like the mafia”; “world’s largest embassy” in Baghdad full of bankers
2:21:00Two to the head for Las Vegas robo-signing notary public; Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer slandered by contractor BAE Systems; possible Dominique Strauss-Kahn set-up
2:27:16Obama sure to sign “enemy belligerents” NDAA