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360 Pencil of Promise (2011-11-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “But I just was looking, I was just looking, I don’t know!
0:00:34No Black Friday pepper spray for JCD at the mall; ACC’s echoing egg carton-less studio
0:03:32S.1867 National Defense Authorization Act treatment of “unprivileged enemy belligerents” thanks to douchebags John McCain and Carl Levin, clear Posse Comitatus Act violation, “belligerent act” definition, JCD: ”get off my lawn!“, AUMF and War Powers Resolution
0:14:05JCD Red Book: Christine Lagarde first female president of France; Lagarde worries about “political bickering” in US; JCD on bullcrap “FEMA camp” photos taken in Slovenia
0:20:03ACC parallels Ron Paul and Pim Fortuyn; Fox News douchebag: Paul popular among “certain constituency”, “no way in my mind he could possibly win the nomination”; Seymour Hersh to Democracy Now on Iran’s now-defunct nuclear weapons program
0:26:46ACC theory: Clintons backing Gingrich; Dana Perino gushes over Gabby Giffords “back in action” serving turkey dinners; Rahm Emanuel campaigning at Jefferson-Jackson Dinner; compromising college photos of Obama’s “first buddy” Reggie Love getting teabagged
0:37:12Producer Segment: JCD recommends Johnnie Walker Gold and Laphroaig 30
0:54:34Occupy This Album announced, Miley Cyrus Liberty Walk OWS video
0:56:45UN bent out of shape over reports of Syrian Army “torturing children”, French “humanitarian corridor”, ACC predicts false flag; Democracy Now on protests in Bahrain over release of Arab Spring crackdown report funded by the monarchy; New York Times photo with Hillary Clinton and “three douchebags” in yellow shirts; techno-expert students released by Egypt
1:08:03Sen. Joe Lieberman asks Google for “terrorist” button to flag blogs like Jose Pimental’s; Lieberman all-in on kill switch to “disconnect the American internet from all traffic coming in from another foreign country”, “or we’ve gotta put a patch on this part of it”
1:16:02“That’s a great question”, JCD: “how is that a great question??” (JCDPPotD)
1:19:21The McLaughlin Group panel tackles Obama’s “postponed” American dream, Pat Buchanan: “and for some Americans I think it has been cancelled”, Eleanor Clift: “it’s less materialistic”, “do it yourself American dream”, Buchanan butts in with “alternative lifestyle” comment
1:30:36Ms. Micky taking ACC Austin “hippie enclave” bar-hopping with food truck “cuisine”, the lure of a 2001 Dodge Ram, “and I need to put a gun rack in”, JCD: “get a bicycle!”
1:37:50Win Lose or Drone: NPR running recruitment ads for Air Force drone operators: “the Air Force now has a career path specifically for drone pilots!”; The Pentagon Channel on Dave & Buster’s style Warrior Zone arcades on military bases à la The Last Starfighter
1:47:22Donation Segment: JCD’s Thanksgiving wild turkey
2:03:091970s We Can’t Wait jingle, Moody’s threatening rating downgrade
2:04:39John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: Estée Lauder heir’s tax strategies; $3M in tax return deficit reduction donations; dronings in Pakistan and the perils of doing business with China
2:10:13And Now Back to Real News: Eurostat calls out UK for having the fattest women
2:12:10Wisconsin six-year-old charged with felony sexual assault for playing doctor, JCD: DA Lisa Riniker “should be arrested and thrown in jail in the general population for being an asshole!”
2:16:02Time magazine cover stories dumbed down for the US audience; no Clinton Form 990
2:18:05Erasmus University creates weaponized H5N1 bird flu on behalf of NIH; AQAP collaborating with “Procol Harum” Boko Haram on agent “twice as deadly as cobra venom”; $10bn Large Hadron Collider possibly looking for “chimera”; Andrew Napolitano rant for end of show
2:25:33$65 Macy’s Black Friday deals on Justin Bieber fragrance; Bieber “Pencils of Promise” promo