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35 Obama and Olbermann (2008-06-14)

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0:00:21JCD on cold July in San Francisco, ACC on scantily clad Londoners
0:04:06Irish “no” vote on Lisbon Treaty, immigration/taxation and European army; ECB and marked-up pound notes; Dutch minister: no plan B; coincident football championship distraction
0:18:08ACC Rotterdam airport meeting with Frans Timmermans and Jan Peter Balkenende; Dutch football victory; unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, new diesel tax, JCD predicts civil war
0:26:57JCD in Northern Michigan, Keith Olbermann’s ESPN origins, MSNBC Bush-bashing, McCain Iraq pullout “that’s not important”; JCD on journalists unwilling to admit being Republicans; McCain “gaffe” meme; journalists looking for statements like Hillary’s sniper fire lie; candidates’ conference calls with press with talking points
0:39:48Obama imitating Walter Cronkite or Paul Harvey, listeners angry about “bashing” Obama, Jann Wenner all-in; Hillary’s cronies in campaign
0:48:14Tim Russert dead at 58, JCD prussic acid comment; ACC imitates John McLaughlin
0:51:42JCD on interview with Marilyn Monroe death author, suicidal personality types pairing up with suicide promoters, ACC: “she wasn’t really all that hot”; JCD story: Amsterdam red light district “not that hot” comment, hot Croatian women looking like Natalie Wood; “smokin’ hot” Iranian women YouTube video
0:59:26ACC asks Mohammed Karzai about plan to defeat Taliban, A: we can’t, Taliban foothold in Pakistan, India’s Cold War dealings with Russia
1:03:47Enron loophole closed, going short on oil, journalists clueless about Enron scam, ACC recommends Mark Cuban’s The Smartest Guys in the Room, bogus air conditioning story; ACC on impact of podcast vs radio
1:09:58Scott McClellan making the NPR rounds; protests planned for Bush UK “farewell tour” visit
1:14:54Germany & France vs Ireland over referendum
1:16:49Bush Gitmo defeat in Supreme Court, deliberate jurisdictional ambiguity; UK extension of incarceration without due process window; Patricia worried about airplane sabotage, ACC the “annoyance”; suspicious Irish and internet campaigns; football obsession and Olympics, bread and circuses; Beijing factory shutdown
1:29:28Big Mevio news coming; JCD’s Washington deli in July 4 parade