Call Clooney!

359 First Buddy (2011-11-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “He’s like, shut up, shut up, shut up, you be quiet!…” (2:43:30)
0:00:34Ms. Micky’s tentative “happy Thanksgiving?”; Obama twists the holiday into thanks for the troops; JCD’s 2009 “buzzkill” article and 2004 “Bite Me” blog post, British Harvest Home tradition; Obama thanks soup kitchen servers as well as “pilgrims, pioneers, and patriots”
0:09:30Slick The X Factor Republican debate montage with “Wolf Seacrest”, question from Ed Meese for Newt Gingrich about “at least 42 terrorist attacks” thwarted due to PATRIOT Act, Gingrich allowed to rebut Ron Paul out of turn with “Timothy McVeigh succeeded”
0:23:17Condescending douchebag Bob Schieffer grills Paul on Face the Nation: “am I correct that your idea of how to discourage Iran from building nuclear weapons is to be nicer to Iran’s leaders?”; Paul responds to “mic check!” Occupy crowd with “do you feel better?”; Obama befuddled by Occupiers “chanting at me”; Wall Street Journal calling for Obama’s resignation
0:35:42JCD compilation of Lawrence O’Donnell excoriating Mitt Romney for “lying … lying … lying”
0:40:45Producer Segment: JCD’s LED lightshow lanyard
0:48:15“Photoshop bonanza” with Occupy UC Davis pepper spraying cop memes; Megyn Kelly: pepper spray is “a food product, essentially”, JCD: “let’s spray her with the stuff!”; douchebag Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi responds to shill in audience with “remember 1973” sign
0:52:38George Stephanopoulos on resignation of Obama “First Buddy” Reggie Love, Obama’s penchant for riding around without air conditioning, ACC: “only a reptile does that”
0:59:17Ms. Micky’s tinted window “violation” letter from California DMV, $600 right-hand turn; ACC enamored with the Taurus Judge, JCD’s experience shooting .454 Casull bear gun
1:08:28Congressional report A Decade Later: A Call for TSA Reform, “puffer” explosive detectors “unable to detect explosives”, Sen. Susan Collins calling for radiation exposure study after a friend’s daughter’s miscarriage, SPOT program one of the ”largest failures“
1:18:53Douchebag Des Moines Register interviewer to Ron Paul: “we’ve declared war on terrorists”
1:25:40“Lone wolf” terrorist Jose Pimentel charged him conspiring with himself, “exactly the kind of threat FBI Director Robert Mueller and his experts have warned about”, video of duplicate bomb constructed by police; San Francisco “hacker” with “hacker” T-shirt and screen name “Secret Squirrel” talks about hijacking Emergency Alert System à la V for Vendetta, ACC: “as long as it does, like, listen to No Agenda I’m okay with it”; airline captain disappears into lavatory and is replaced by someone with a “thick foreign accent”
1:39:55Donation Segment: producers “No Agenders”; JCD’s wild turkey
2:12:31JCD Red Book: German the official EU language; Greece balking at signing for €8bn bailout; leaked six-page memo on EU takeover plan from German foreign office; Haiku Herman’s ominous phrase “mutualization of public debt”; France 24 discusses Le Monde article “La ’franc-maçonnerie’ européenne de Goldman Sachs
2:24:34IRS paying little heed to producer complaints about Clinton Foundation’s missing Form 990
2:25:37“Possible sex crime” of girl kissing boy; feds confiscate 881-pound bluefin tuna
2:28:28Fox douchebag calls Ron Paul supporters “isolationists”; Paul explains supercommittee flaws; ACC Red Book: “we can’t wait” Executive Order, benefit concert for the 99%
2:36:58Climategate: UNPCC replacing IPCC, British children’s show’s anti-US propaganda
2:40:49Prof. Douglas Brinkley and Rep. Don Young squabble in Arctic oil exploration hearing, Rep. Doc Hastings: “we see a lot of people here and from time to time we make foo pas
2:44:48C-SPAN douchebag calls “conservative socialist” caller “some kind of moron”