Call Clooney!

358 Bogative Charity (2011-11-20)

Show 358 album art
0:00:00JCD: “It’s said to invigorate the qi!” (1:38:46)
0:00:33ACC still working on getting decent acoustic tiles, C-SPAN wired into studio
0:05:41FIRE Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s Harvey Silverglate to John Stossel on accusation of bullying as the new censorship, “harassment phase” under feminism, “you’ve got a right to respond with horrible speech if you are attacked with horrible speech”, JCD: “fuck you! no, fuck you!”; ACC’s dodged harassment training at Mevio, lurking ambulance-chasing sexual harassment lawyers; “the meat guy” scammer shows up at ACC’s place
0:15:14Video of Occupy UC Davis students casually pepper sprayed by “dick cop” Lt. John Pike, JCD: “it was more like spraying bugs”; National Anthem for JCD’s microphone wrangling; NYPD’s Paul Browne to BBC on “prearranged” arrests; Urban Dictionary bogative
0:28:18Nike douchebagged for not renaming Joe Paterno Child Development Center, Penn State alumnus CEO Mark Parker’s obsession with toys; CIA challenge coins for JCD; Atomic Rod Adams on Australian “rotational deployment” of US military as money-saving vacation tactic
0:34:40Obama “no stronger ally” compilation, Arsenio Hall “in the house” meme
0:36:29Producer Segment: ACC’s “one minute of Austin” audio; Producer Maynard for end of show
0:42:03Obama proclaims National Family Week and Thanksgiving as “one of our nation’s oldest and most cherished traditions”, “bogative” attribution to George Washington, new “and of the independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-sixth” postamble
0:46:59Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez accused of trying to assassinate Obama by shooting into White House while he was in Australia, Democracy Now on shooter’s car abandoned on United States Institute of Peace lawn with semiautomatic rifle and ammo, “brass knuckles, a baseball bat, a Wal-Mart receipt” and smoking gun Dodgers jacket
0:52:31Nigel Farage: “I don’t want to live in a German-dominated Europe”, installation of “puppet government” in Greece and Italy, excoriates Haiku Herman for meddling with Italian government; JCD on Van Rompuy anointed by Bilderberg Group, “I like the cut of your jib!
0:57:55Rajat Gupta’s shady Goldman Sachs dealings with Greece potentially coming to light; Greece’s 2012 budget cutting deficit by 33%, “anti-austerity activists” throwing stones at police; “automatic austerity measures” coming soon to the US; ACC’s landlord listening to the show
1:04:06$75,000 secret to happiness according to GHWBI Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index; lobbying firm Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford pitches social media campaign against Occupy Wall Street for $850k; Democracy Now features Occupy Los Angeles globalists and dingbats
1:13:57Obama peddling “We Can’t Wait” T-shirts; weekly address “Med-vedev” teleprompter flub
1:18:53Wolfram Alpha “flights overhead” calculator; British citizens droned in Waziristan
1:22:47And Now Back to Real News: “The Insider is on!”
1:25:40Jerry Sandusky “if you see something say something”; Thom Hartmann on Diebold voting machine hacking as potential reason to overturn a Ron Paul win
1:35:27PBS fundraising drive pushing “Kwai Dong Doo or something like that” exercise DVDs
1:39:01Donation Segment: NPR promotes Simple online bank “for your banking needs”
1:52:17JCD’s fake (USA Today* editorial board meeting: “it’s not about telling the truth!”
1:53:18Meet the Press host “Dale” Gregory’s wife Beth Wilkinson former head lawyer at Fannie Mae
2:01:35Julia Gillard screeches at Australian Parliament, acting PM Wayne Swan lies that California has a carbon tax; businesses not allowed to blame tax for price increases; Nikita bad acting
2:09:30Lucifer Clinton photobombed in Hawaii; Pink Ribbons, Inc. documentary trailer