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357 Rotational Deployment (2011-11-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “There’s no confrict!” ACC: “No confrict!” Sharpton: “No confrict!
0:00:34ACC’s run-in with tire-biting Border Patrol drug dog, Ms. Micky’s prison cell bathroom break
0:13:29Occupy Wall Street Day of Action announcer skit; Oakland Mayor Jean Quan blabs about federal government giving the order to bust up the protests, JCD: Obama operation “right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook”; live video discussing masked agent provocateurs; Michael Moore’s attempt to lure protestors away to be more easily arrested; Moore promoting new book with ratings-challenged Keith Olbermann
0:21:51Toronto public school bans balls after student concussion
0:23:17Producer Segment:
0:31:40“Japan Opens Fukushima Nuclear Plant to Media”; Michael Bloomberg: media ousted ahead of Occupy Wall Street raids to “protect” them; Australian PM Julia Gillard announces stationing of up to 2,500 US marines, JCD slows down Obama blathering about “rotational deployment” in Afghanistan; NewsHour expert predicts Navy and Air Force presence
0:44:49Judge responsible for Jerry Sandusky’s lenient bail conditions on board of Second Mile Foundation, one of the Bush thousand points of light; “am I sexually attracted to underage boys?” to Bob Costas, Jon Stewart mocks shower “horseplay” and lawyer’s children by teenage client, “what kind of creepy guy club do you both belong to?”; Merck CEO Ken Frazier heading internal investigation; Bill O’Reilly: “you just don’t do that to people not in your house”
0:54:52Mainstream media finally picks up on insider trading by members of Congress; arrogant Nancy Pelosi grilled about Visa stock conflict of interest: “it’s not true, and that’s that”; sketchy $433M no-bid contract for Siga Technologies smallpox drug
1:02:45Sean Hannity “accidentally” skips Ron Paul’s name in polling data; The Five idiot: “not Ron Paul because he has other issues”; Michele Bachmann speech disrupted by “mic check!” crowd
1:07:44IMF Director António Borges abruptly resigns, Italian government made up of unelected bankers, 21% VAT implemented two months ago, Berlusconi’s album of love songs; Haiku Herman still on “harmonization” tear, “we need … economic and fiscal integration focused on gross, not only to punish the sinners”, need for “sharing of sovereignty”
1:16:45EMCDDA European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction concerned over abuse of opioid fentanyl linked with poppy blight in Afghanistan; highest-quality cocaine to be found in Belgium; Karzai calling for perpetual US occupation
1:24:59Donation Segment: Rainbow 6: Patriots war on “fellow countrymen” militias
1:50:46Government panel recommends testing children for high cholesterol before age 11; pizza classified as a “veggie” in appropriations bill; Daily Caller babe Michelle Fields asks well-heeled supporters of higher taxes to make a donation to Department of the Treasury and they all refuse: “I’m very philanthropically active”, “I want our class to be, um … you’re being silly”
1:58:04Gary Johnson tries a bit too hard to add modulation to his delivery after ACC’s “boring” verdict, botches Neil Cavuto’s “three cuts” prompt, obsesses about marijuana legalization
2:03:05EU banning X-ray body scanners in favor of millimeter wave machines
2:05:56Dana Perino rants about STDs at Occupy Wall Street; slave labor in British supermarkets
2:10:16Clinton Foundation runs afoul of Better Business Bureau (ACCPPotD)
2:15:57FAA told to get to work on getting drones in the air
2:17:57Al Sharpton “there’s no real confrict! with Supreme Court conflicts of interest
2:24:43Bill O’Reilly gripes about people posting bogative book reviews