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356 Super Duper Space Wrench (2011-11-13)

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0:00:00(Excerpt from pre-stream with Die Walküre)
0:01:40ACC at New Mexico Riviera Hotel and Spa Resort with horny drunk old guys, MIA USB hub, Route 70 Border Patrol “your papers please” checkpoint 150 miles from border
0:09:22Bella Ciao for Silvio Berlusconi; BBC “what happens next” report with background car horns, technocrat “Super” Mario Monti to take over, graduate student at Yale, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg connections; bankrupt Big Brother producer Endemol partially owned by Berlusconi family and Goldman Sachs; Italian VAT hiked to 21%, increase in retirement age for women, €2,500 cash transaction limit; ACC on California refugees headed to Texas; Max Keiser report on Greek people being used as collateral
0:24:53Producer Segment: Steven Pelsmaekers’ knighthood contest
0:36:20ACC in gypsum pile Las Cruces New Mexico, park ranger unimpressed with “aliens!” theory
0:41:3311/11/11 baby boom due to 9-month anniversary of Valentine’s Day
0:46:16Ron Paul’s 89 seconds of glory at Republican debate, Santorum training his “laser beam focus” on keeping nuclear weapons away from Iran, zero dollars for rebels from Bush cut by Obama; producer note on BBC’s mistranslation of Ahmadinejad’s “our software”; Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann all-in on waterboarding, Obama “is allowing the ACLU to run the CIA”, Romney: “absolutely” Obama should be able to murder al-Awlaki, Gingrich argues “found guilty by a panel”, audience delighted by “it is the rule of law!” under PATRIOT Act, “the correct thing in an act of war is to kill people who are trying to kill you”, moderator: “we will not have booing!”
1:09:11Possible terrorist attacks on or using buses, “a specific attack, though, is not imminent”
1:10:234.8 magnitude earthquake near San Antonio Texas, USGS finds fracking causes earthquakes
1:11:19John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: District Attorney Ray Gricar who declined to prosecute Jerry Sandusky in 1998 missing and presumed dead, media propagating Penn State “we just need to move on” meme; Forbes talking northern euro “Neuro”; university students renting defunct mansions in Merced
1:17:11Obama propagating “we can’t wait campaign” on West Wing Week, with staff contest to identify $4bn in savings by cutting “travel, technology, and trinkets”, “raise your hand, Roger” for a pat on the head for $2M in cell phone savings, bizarre reference to “super duper space wrench”, JCD: “what is he talking about??”, ACC: “it’s like a clutch car” (CotD)
1:23:39Occupy Wall Street “this out here is my home and I’m here to stay!” iso; Bill Clinton interviewed by Chelsea on C-SPAN about his new book, slow face-scratching lying tell
1:28:42Baxter International recalling 300k doses of Preflucel flu vaccine due to adverse reactions
1:29:52Jay-Z cashing in on “Occupy All Streets” T-shirts; Free Speech TV’s $150 hoodies
1:32:14Donation Segment
2:10:23Teens getting drunk by inserting vodka-soaked tampons and rectal beer bongs, “a super tampon can hold about a shot of vodka”, ACC: “I wish I could smoke through my butt”
2:14:26Helicopter crash two to the head for anti-drug Mexican Interior Minister Francisco Blake Mora
2:15:25Fox News “boomerang persuasion” pitting a reasonable person against a lunatic; Neil Cavuto guest cites “the genocide of the Native Americans” as a reason to boycott Thanksgiving
2:21:29ACC Red Book: earthquake in Australia in light of whale stranding
2:22:47Barbara Boxer all-in on TSA Trusted Traveler program to cut down on “invasive screening”
2:28:11Anderson Pooper “Ridiculist” of idiot 911 callers: “we made brownies, and I think we’re dead”