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354 Punk Media (2011-11-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “Gerrymandering isn’t in the Constitution!” (2:14:58)
0:00:35Off-schedule Monday show due to ACC’s appearance at ReSurge event in San Francisco
0:06:02New Greek government instead of austerity referendum, new PM US-educated former Federal Reserve banker Lucas Papademos also a member of Trilateral Commission, ECB’s Mario Draghi formerly at Goldman Sachs; Obama “hoping to come and see some movies” at Cannes G20 meeting, slams Sarkozy by congratulating his daughter for not inheriting his looks
0:12:00Haiku Herman protests that Italy wasn’t strong-armed into accepting austerity program
0:13:47Joe Biden takes over weekly address from University of Pittsburgh, feeble employment gains, “we can’t wait” meme, “if Congress won’t join us, we’re gonna continue to act on our own”; “we can’t wait” presentation from shadow puppet advisor Nancy-Ann DeParle
0:21:17Jack Abramoff to 60 Minutes on sneaky bill amendments legalizing gambling
0:26:56Producer Segment: “that’s one hot MILF, baby!”
0:37:39Conan O’Brien’s identical “about to push the envelope” stories in mainstream media
0:41:36Commercial jingles: Moxie Girlz clippity clop bestiality, “arrrgh!” pirate ship dollhouse, “hail to the V” douche ad, Happy Napper pillows; JCD’s fake New York Times staff meeting
0:50:46Ben Stiller irked at Piers Morgan for pointing out “coincidental” timing of Occupy Wall Street and Tower Heist: “I didn’t even think we would still be in this situation” lie; Occupy Philadelphia wedding vows over human microphone; chanting morons in Oakland repeating after Angela Davis even though she has a microphone; “mic check” for Scott Walker at Chicago policy breakfast; communist Angela Davis plants “free housing” meme without saying it; Michael Moore: “you’re just punk media, that’s all you are, you lie!”
1:01:15Bill Maher outraged that blue collar guest votes Republican like the 1%, ACC: “how about Warren Buffett?”; Thom Hartmann: “let’s have more teen suicides”
1:05:22Al-Qaeda’s envoy to Somalia a white American; Condoleezza Rice on upcoming IAEA report on Iran, “we should … never take military force off the table”; Pakistani 16-year-old droned while documenting children killed by drones; Germany leasing Israeli Heron drones
1:15:25United States Institute of Peace’s Bill Taylor appointed to position as Hillary Clinton minion, journalist: “I was ten!” when USSR dissolved, Taylor an Iraq money pallet wrangler; UN set to bestow human rights award upon Gaddafi prior to NATO campaign
1:26:35National Public Media selling ads on “remnant inventory” station web pages
1:29:01Donation Segment
1:47:03Researcher Joseph Skipper finds railway system on Mars; sunspot AR 1339 and asteroid 2005 YU55 passing within the Moon’s orbit just in time for Emergency Alert System test, northern lights and “birds and bugs” on radar in Oklahoma before earthquake, Kansas fracking quakes
1:56:37Producer note on Walmart public address hijacking via “page out” transfer
1:58:09ABC hyping Diane Sawyer’s interview with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly; Giffords shilling for the iPad in The Daily interview prior to shooting
2:01:59The New Girl “how can we have a mature conversation when you can’t even say the word penis?”; Allen Gregory “midget Elton John only more gay”; “Weenie and the Butt” returns
2:05:38ACC worried about Veterans’ Day, DHS tests, and 11/11/11
2:06:27DSM-5’s Orwellian categorization of “sociopolitical deviance” as a mental disorder
2:08:40And Now Back to Real News: JCD explains Forbes World’s Most Powerful People list
2:12:38MSNBC’s Alex Wagner to Bill Maher: “I’d get rid of the Second Amendment”