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353 We Can’t Wait (2011-11-03)

Show 353 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Sell your liver!” (2:10:50)
0:00:31Podcast Awards and The X Factor reserving the right to change numbers
0:03:00Distractions of “the new Clarence Thomas” Herman Cain and Kim Kardashian’s divorce
0:06:12Greek PM George Papandreou’s bailout referendum a possible US ploy, enabled by law passed within last month, “national importance” quorum rule, YouTube Fuck You, Papandreou
0:19:48Jill Abramson to C-SPAN: “it may be hard for your viewers to believe” she didn’t know about New York Times review of her book The Puppy Diaries; JCD irked by Fox News “guess what”
0:24:05Obama’s new meme “we can’t wait” typically followed by executive orders; Obama reads paper speech on pharmaceutical shortages, IBM shill: “we can’t wait for these drugs to be back in high supply”; FDA report on quality control issues like glass shards in injectables; recent Orphan Drug Act allowing companies charge outrageous sums under renewed patents, $30k for pregnancy drug 17P; FDA “discretionary enforcement” for unapproved drugs
0:40:17Producer Segment: Absolute Fuels LLC biodiesel fraud
0:51:26G20 elites whooping it up on Cannes red carpet, Sarkozy’s food security agenda; leaning Paul Volcker laughs with Charlie Rose about stagnant incomes; Condoleezza Rice’s story of “if the mice are feet-up, we’re toast” botulism scare in Shanghai
1:03:48BBC “bone-eating zombie worms”, zombie outbreak drill in Ohio, NPR on “zombies, real ones!” for Halloween with flies infected with “mind-controlling fungus”
1:07:21Donald Trump gripes about White House “steak dinners” for Chinese and OPEC elites, JCD: “for some reason, Donald Trump amuses me to no end”
1:10:42Unelected new Libyan PM Abdurrahim El-Keib’s previous gig at Petroleum Institute in UAE; EU Parliament President Jerzy Buzek channeling Inspector Clouseau with concern about treatment of prisoners under “international lieau” and “how to disarm tousands of people”
1:14:25Recycled Libya story with rapes by Syria military; activists using encryption software from US State Department and erasing hard drives for no adequately explored reason; Rock Center With Brian Williams reporter skulking around in a ditch Blair Witch Project style, basement brothel safe house; ACC-JCD heavy breathing narration skit
1:22:21Obama’s “home for the holidays” losing steam rapidly; “al-Qaeda flag” in Libya
1:26:22NYT busts PBS for producing Unilever ads in its “America in Primetime” documentary series
1:30:20Donation Segment: Willow Curry’s Frank Jabroni: Public Enemy #9; $77.77 gambling karma
1:54:44Win Lose or Drone: “calling in the drones” to sell real estate in Southern California
1:56:13Douchebag Michael Moore at Occupy Wall Street Portland with skinhead bodyguards, “make way for the one percent!” heckler attacked by angry “instigator!” mob (CotD)
2:00:31Black and white evil billionaire “but milk comes from cows” ad; four “vaginas” in forty seconds on Two Broke Girls, JCD The Vagina Monologues movie theory
2:06:49Ben Bernanke’s advice to the American public: “continue to live your lives”, ACC: “put down the gun!”, blames the stupid slaves’ “lack of financial literacy”
2:11:10Masonic “Two Ball Cane” Facebook logo; London Olympics SAS base under construction
2:16:05Students imprisoned under school “lockdown” in Arcadia California after prank call; UK police spying with fake cell towers; Schiphol Airport scanning entire planes and their occupants; EU considering border biometrics; DoD spinning up its own counterintelligence operations
2:21:34TSA shill to Congress on devoting resources to “those who appear on watch lists or another type of security list that the TSA has”; “scandal-free” Obama Chantix theory