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352 Bean Bag Drone (2011-10-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “When he says folks, that would be the key word for the message.” (2:02:40)
0:00:32Occupy Wall Street disrupted by time change and snowfall; President Valerie Jarrett goads Obama into using “top 1% of Americans” meme
0:03:36King Obama’s “we can’t wait” for Congress meme, takes Congress to task for debating Baseball Hall of Fame coins, “the truth is, we can no longer wait”; “jobs” bill for banks and high-speed rail, JCD on banks not paying property taxes; Occupy Wall Street douchebag Russell Simmons confronted by Fortune reporter over his prepaid Rush Card scam, “it builds credit” lie
0:11:57No Agenda gets a mention in I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution, ACC jettisoned from Headbangers Ball thanks to Axel Rose
0:14:45Producer Segment: crackpot Hawaii Five-O birth certificate theory; football karma half-life
0:25:31Fox News idiots mock Justin Bieber’s opposition to Amy Klobuchar’s IP bill, “it’s protecting the artist!”, “if anybody should be taken away in handcuffs, it should be Justin Bieber!” (CotD); artists like Duran Duran signing away their copyrights, Clip of the Day jingle
0:36:33Louie Gohmert grills Janet Napolitano about DHS senior advisor and Muslim Brotherhood shill Mohamed Elibiary leaking information to the media; Hillary Clinton ambushed by Rep. Connie Mack over DoJ breaking law by not obtaining Fast & Furious waiver; Rep. Ted Poe to Napolitano: “you listen … you know to answer the question and not just ramble so that the time expires”, Rep. Trey Gowdy on Title 3 “T-3” cases, Poe on 34.5% in Texas border jails being foreign nationals, Rep. Sandra Adams on China refusing to repatriate murderers
0:59:17$300k DHS grant to Texas county for spy drones armed with “a Taser to actually zap a suspect from above, or fire off those stun batons or bean bags”, ACC: “I am shootin’ this thing!”
1:04:47JCD’s Anwar al-Awlaki extraction theory borne out by evidence of FBI link, Osama bin Laden’s US presence, CIA shill: “a dead al-Awlaki is better than an al-Awlaki to talk to”; “douchebag Dickie” from Newsweek: Americans don’t care about drone attacks as long as they’re on “bad guys”; Book TV lawyer on centrality of due process, SPLC lawyer on impossible Philadelphia scenario due to arbitration agreements, ignorance of Seventh Amendment
1:18:01Spokeshole Carney lies furiously about Obama’s millions from unregistered lobbyists
1:23:53Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe catches New York Times consultant Clay Shirky at Columbia School of Journalism talking about lack of media attention benefiting Occupy Wall Street, JCD: “typical Shirky bullshit”, NPR’s tax-free ad revenue; Vivian Schiller revisited
1:29:50Donation Segment: ACC hosting ReSurge awards in San Francisco
1:42:34ACC Red Book: “the euro quake is coming” in two weeks on 11/11/11; Nigel Farage predicts Greek revolution to Andrew Napolitano; Germany’s €55bn “under the couch”
1:50:44Ask Adam: C-SPAN promo for hummer Jill Abramson with “major hummage”
1:52:30Google transparency report reveals 3 information demands from China vs 5,950 from US
1:54:58USA Today survey on germ-laden gas pump handles sponsored by Kimberly Clark
1:59:39Obama’s “folks” as coded message to Folk Nation alliance of Chicago street gangs; Obama’s Halloween speech “brief time I was with” Sasha & Malia as code for resignation
2:04:38UN announcement of Libya exit turns out to be bogus, 2,300 British boots on the ground
2:08:13“Homeless people and college kids camping” at Occupy LA; creative math in Obama’s college loan bailout; Ron Paul: “we’ve indentured them!”; Paul smacks down douchebag Wolf Blitzer for resurrecting the racist newsletter meme; Chaffetz grilling Napolitano for end of show
2:19:19ACC’s baby boomer entertainment lawyer friend’s doom and gloom attitude