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351 Home for the Holidays (2011-10-27)

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0:00:00ACC: “Killed in a shark attack!” (2:07:51)
0:00:32Oakland police bust up Occupy Wall Street with tear gas and bean bags, no mention of sound cannons, JCD: “we’re missing the guys on camels with baseball bats”; Illuminati hand signal for “process is not being followed, off topic”; BBC human resource number calculator
0:12:10Nothing to See Here: new word SPIV Special Purpose Investment Vehicle also British slang; Haiku Herman celebrates bailout deal: “time is the politician’s cement”, leveraging of EFSF European Financial Stabilization Facility, “fiscal consolidation and structural reforms”, Italy “liberalizing local public services and utilities”, retirement age bumped up to 67, Soviet term “Troika”, “voluntary” bond exchange, Greek Project Helios 10GW solar plant, Lisbon Treaty Protocol 14, pervasive “surveillance”, ACC Red Book: VAT harmonization
0:28:58EU’s habit of not playing by Maastricht Treaty 3% of GDP debt rule; Thomas Friedman all-in on carbon tax; Obama’s dictatorial No Child Left Behind waivers by executive order
0:42:08Obama’s highly-scripted Tonight Show interview: “there’s a certain decorum with which you treat the dead” after murdering them, kudos to Seal Team 6 (too bad they’re dead), oddly-timed applause sign for Libya “we led from the front” lie, new meme “home for the holidays”, repeated “look!” and “folks”; White House Insider: Obama gets off on droning people
0:52:24Producer Segment:
1:02:30Dylan Ratigan on ten-year anniversary of the PATRIOT Act: “sounds like a third-world country, doesn’t it?”; DoJ proposing new rules allowing it to lie about existence of FOIA records; Obama’s ironic “new standard of openness” promise, “transparency and the rule of law will be the touch tones of this presidency”; troubles ahead with Fast & Furious and “Fisker Hüsker Dü”; ACC story: Tesla investor event with airborne Ray Lane on Gulfstream V
1:14:54Rep. Alan Grayson to MSNBC: Republicans “the real killers” like OJ Simpson in terms of racial divisiveness; NATO in the process of deciding to stay in Libya; Hillary Clinton to Chris Wallace on her “we came, we saw, he died” proclamation: “I’m not gonna comment on that”
1:22:27Federal contractor Blue Coat Systems helping Syria shut down internet; Hillary to BBC: “we are certainly training people” in Iran to circumvent “21st century equivalent of the barbed wire and the fences and the dogs”, JCD: “and the barking cats, and the mean people”
1:30:39Dexter robotic “if you see something say something” dubbed in; The Mentalist precrime “better than after, don’t you think?”; CFR podcast on the dangers of the internet preserving Andrew Wakefield research, Contagion anti-blogging propaganda; anthrax vaccine testing in children; ADHD drugs for preschoolers; new Pap smear “pre-cancerous” biopsy scam
1:43:24Rick Perry threatening to pull out of debates; China cracking down on bloggers
1:47:34Compilation of TV “vagina” phenomenon extending to “penis”
1:49:39Donation Segment: ACC’s fake e-mail to KPCC advertising department
2:06:47BP whistleblower George Thomas Wainwright killed by great white shark
2:08:58Win Lose or Drone: JCD’s fake son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki “loose end” theory
2:13:23IMF shill on need for Greece to exit euro; Andrew Horowitz’ euro repatriation theory
2:19:03The Root founded by beer summit professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
2:20:20Trains Good Planes Bad: UK urged to research pilotless planes
2:21:55Vatican calls for one world government; British defense secretary Philip Hammond calls for businesses to “pack suitcases” to grab Libyan reconstruction money; John McCain delighted at “pleas for assistance” from Syria; helicopter shots in Occupy Wall Street live stream