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350 Lady McDeath (2011-10-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “And he’s injecting babies’ fetuses into himself in Switzerland.” (1:48:39)
0:00:35Nothing to See Here: BBC Newsnight goading US into Syria, making US look like idiots with anti-capitalist Michael Moore on Wall Street; Obama’s weekly address on “how we renewed American leadership in the world”; Stephen Harper: “our government will be speaking with our allies to pretend, to prepare for the end of our military mission” Freudian slip (CotD)
0:10:06Confirmed lesbian Hillary “Lady McDeath” Clinton: “we came, we saw, he died”, interviewer: “did it have anything to do with your visit?”, Hillary: “I’m sure it did”
0:13:12Bill Maher’s conservative-free panel leaning away from Rachel Maddow, JCD: “she looks like Beaker on the old The Muppet Show”, Maher on the administration’s bloodthirsty bona fides: “Michelle Malkin would name her vibrator Obama”, all-in on Emperor Obama’s $666bn military budget; Lindsey Graham: “there’s a lot of money to be made in the future in Libya”; ACC’s “lesbian power couple” friend all-in on Ayaan Hirsi Ali and George W. Bush
0:27:31Obama announces US leaving Iraq again, JCD gripes about giant “butt ugly” embassies; White House spokeshole’s “embassies around the world” meme; DoD document puts 16k and 23k “civilian” contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, “some contractors are not armed”
0:34:16Producer Segment: No Agenda Attack Vector Dashboard; JCD on getting into North Korea
0:47:42Lucifer planning to work on IED problem “over the next days and weeks, not months and years”, “we wanna squeeeze these terrorists” on Pakistan-Afghanistan border; PBS fake Republican David Brooks all-in on Obama’s conduct while Democrat Mark Shields not so sure
0:55:54Win Lose or Drone: ACC: “it’s like they’re getting paid to say drone”; Bill Maher all-in because fewer civilians get killed, “I’m going down to the dealership tomorrow”; Predator drones on the border for CBP “or other agencies that require our assistance”, JCD: “yeah, the Austin police”; Invasion of the Body Snatchers sound effect for Maher
1:01:45CDC Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic comic book; upcoming FEMA Emergency Alert System test on 9/11 mirror 11/9; major earthquake coincides with The Great California ShakeOut Drill; Turkish earthquake linked to HAARP; ACC links Iraq departure to “massive false flag event”; German ROSAT satellite plummeting out of the sky for no adequately explored reason, JCD on standard procedure of shooting defunct satellites out into deep space
1:11:30ACC Red Book: young Hispanics the target audience for Republican party; Valerie Jarrett speaks to The Root sycophant; Gabby Giffords warming up “well-oiled fundraising machine”
1:21:24Rumors that Sarkozy and Merkel are “nowhere near a deal” on Greece
1:28:18Fox & Friends idiots excoriate woman who left family to join Occupy Wall Street, buried AP statistic showing 56% of Americans not in support of protest, hosts mindlessly go back to “crazy story” on teleprompter; Dylan Ratigan on “third wave” after Tea Party and Obama, elections determined by amount spent, “that is not a democracy, that is an auction”
1:38:21ACC’s; fake protest in Iran; Zbigniew Brzezinski on Morning Joe with daughter “Mukaba”: the rich need to be publicly shamed, ACC’s “for me to poop on!” impression
1:48:43Donation Segment
2:03:44Fox & Friends “presstitute” all-in on unconstitutional VIPR vehicle inspections soliciting campaign poster art for paltry compensation
2:15:53PBS’ Mark Shields denies US played a role in Arab Spring; pictures of people taking pictures of Gaddafi’s corpse, “autopsy shock!” transvestite story in British tabloids
2:23:49Jeremy Paxman gets grief over “Mr. Idiot in Brussels, would you like to respond?”