Call Clooney!

348 (2011-10-16)

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0:00:00ACC: “Occupy the Clintons!” (2:10:12)
0:00:31Occupy Wall Street migrates to Italy and Portugal, registered to wife of Ecuadorean foreign minister; San Francisco liberals demanding more government handouts; Rev. Manning in 2009: “red-blooded God-fearing Jesus-loving Americans are gonna stand up and say we’re not gonna take it no mo’”; Occupy Seattle “set to pinch tits, pitch tents for the night” ; former NYPD to Fox News: “there’s quite a bit of prostitution down there”
0:16:09US troops deployed to Africa to “advise” in conflict with the Lord’s Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony, The Guardian “vast oil reserves”, government officials bribed by Tullow Oil PLC, elections overseen by Hillary Clinton, 20k displaced by New Forests Company to fight global warming, Every Children’s Village orphanages named for Hollywood elites, International Crisis Group ten-point script, Obama declares Kony a threat to national security
0:31:16Win Lose or Drone! jingle, Anwar al-Alawki’s son Abdulrahman blown to bits in Yemen along with “chief media officer”, JCD: “the PR woman was killed??”; Haqqani network’s Janbaz Zadran droned in Pakistan; Shadow drone in Havana Illinois; “you can buy your very own drone!” pitch; April friendly fire incident just in time for government contracts
0:38:15Producer Segment: dronewolf.{com, net, org}
0:46:39“Spike in incidents” of air traffic control errors, ACC: “you can just cross this out of the book!”
0:51:39Lucifer Clinton: “the idea of a New World Order with seven Mayor Rahm Emanuels should be enough to get all of us moving”; Bill Clinton’s birthday gala with Lady Gaga: “sit back down where you belong in the Oval Office with those high heels on
0:57:47CNN crawler: Taylor Swift donates 6,000 library books, JCD: “I didn’t know she could read!”
0:59:37Propaganda video for €21M Parliamentarium European Parliament visitor center
1:03:54Hunter College celebrates Anita Hill, sexist “a fish without a bicycle”, creepy Joe Biden prodding Hill at confirmation hearing; New York Times mentions in passing Hill’s professorship at Oral Roberts University; ACC interviewed for MTV book, Caroline Heldman’s hairy legs
1:15:43State Department’s Wendy Sherman dodges questions about Iranians’ access to “Google+ and Flash and other websites”, refuses to answer question about Huawei spy equipment
1:25:29ABC Mastermind “how much does Greece owe” parody
1:28:17Donation Segment: Podcast Awards contender rundown
1:46:50Joe O’Biden on goal to “unite the whole world” against Iran; NPR shill “not in a position to doubt” government’s account of Iranian terror plot; Los Zetas Fast & Furious distraction
1:51:29FBI awards $525k contract to record internet talk and news media for “potential evidence”
1:52:51And Now Back to Real News: NBC Harry’s Law calls out bullying cable news personalities
1:55:43Edelman promo video for whooping cough vaccine on fake LA government site; administration going after dispensary landlords, “conspiratorial theory” about big pharma’s synthetic THC
2:04:41MSM still ignoring Ron Paul; 2017 Pentagon audit, Rumsfeld’s missing trillions revisited
2:10:20Police taking low-level drug offenders directly to rehab
2:10:51Pastor Robert Jeffress to Jeremy Paxman on Mormonism as a “theological cult”
2:12:23Leon Panetta drone testimony interrupted by “you are murdering people!” heckler
2:14:02Biodiversitée: ABC on threat to coffee by global warming
2:16:12RTK GPS in Missouri agriculture vs LightSquared, ACC on unnecessary GNSS in aviation
2:22:25Rev. Manning’s “long-legged mack daddy” for end of show; Los Angeles experimenting with retail hat ban for facial recognition; day 209 of Obama’s “matter of days” Libyan adventure