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347 Hackerocity (2011-10-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “The roads’ll be clogged, there’s no way you can get out …” (2:06:31)
0:00:35Choosing a forwarded domain for ACC’s upcoming Entertainment Weekly interview
0:03:06Foiled Iranian assassination plot against Saudi ambassador that “reads like the pages of a Hollywood script”; Lucifer Clinton obsessed with Fast & Furious; Joe Biden on “compelling evidence” from “multiple sources”; “coincidence” of Arkansas drug trafficking police officers
0:14:40CDC official Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey arrested on child molestation and bestiality charges, $1.5bn terrorism preparedness program; Emergent BioSolutions anthrax vaccine contract
0:18:47Boston police send Occupy Wall Street protestors packing and forbid recording by media
0:20:30Andrew Napolitano rants about government’s “plots and conspiracies of its own making”
0:23:11Phony New York Timesvagina is hilarious!” article, feminine hygiene ad spending up 30%
0:29:19Producer Segment: ACC riffs on;
0:46:10And Now Back to Real News: Operation Hackerocity results in “identity theft” arrest for exfiltrating naked celebrity pictures, JCD: “make sure everybody breaks the law!” (JCDPPotD)
0:49:45Julia Gillard’s pre-election “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead” vs “pricing carbon is the right thing to do and I said that during the election campaign”, Warren Truss: “tyranny has come to Australia this day”, Australian Parliamentary hourglasses
0:54:28Occupy Santa Cruz surfer Noodle Boy weighs in; Obama’s conference call with mayors, Zuccotti Park owned by Brookfield Office Properties, YouTube videos with hired actors; Bill Clinton shills for Obama jobs bill to Letterman; sketchy footage of Brooklyn Bridge arrests, Craigslist ad for sign-holders; South Park Border Patrol keeping the Mexicans in
1:07:06Fox News: “we like to dismiss straw polls, especially when Ron Paul wins them”, producer yelling in Chris Wallace’s ear; second place “strong showing” for Herman Cain; Don Lemon: “does this actually mean anything??”; Ellis Henican’s low-testosterone Woody Allen voice
1:14:48Drone Nation: Air Force to take bids on hardened runtime project in Arizona
1:17:58University of California dingbats lining up for vaccine after mumps outbreak, “this morning I woke up with rashes so I was nervous about all the symptoms!”; Jerry Brown signs bill allowing children to independently seek out STD “treatments” like Gardasil; New Hampshire pushing vaccine for “pandemic” H1N1 and two others “expected to be in circulation”
1:27:52Nigel Farage on Slovakia’s rebellion against bank bailout scheme, “it’s like Barroso in the bunker, unaware of what is happening in the outside world, but planning world domination!”; NPR Planet Money douchebag: “the fate of the world” hanging in the balance
1:34:53Dictator Obama: “we’re not gonna wait for Congress … just get it done”, Bill Daley stepping down as chief of staff, ACC predicts Giffords 2012; Democrat “bundler” LightSquared CEO
1:46:38Donation Segment
2:00:52Media protecting Bank of America from bad PR; next debate to be sponsored by US gas industry; Keystone XL “get a haircut”; Canary Islands underground volcanic eruption
2:06:52Insincere PSAs with Michelle Obama & Jill Biden; Michelle to “absolute dick” Al Roker on Target shopping spree: “we try to sneak out as much as possible” lie; Walmart intercom hijacker: “Dick Cheney, you’re wanted for the crimes of 9/11”, JCD: “identity theft”
2:14:47Soap opera reveals airplane tail numbers can be searched online
2:18:17Angelina Jolie boots on the ground in Libya for “reconciliation and justice”
2:19:47CNBC raves over Elon Musk’s “electric jet” plans, ACC: “confusing himself with Tom Swift”
2:23:33White House demonstrator arrested after throwing a shoe at police