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346 The Indignati (2011-10-09)

Show 346 album art
0:00:00ACC: “After use the bags can be sealed and thrown in the trash.” JCD: “Or thrown at someone.” (2:04:43)
0:00:38ACC visits Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles with “Don’t Drone Me Bro” sign
0:08:39Fox News: demonstrators “better off lookin’ for a job”; Ralph Nader’s comparison to Tea Party before it was “hijacked by the corporatist Republicans”; Fox News’ Liz Trotta: Occupy website “the ravings of what sounds like the Unabomber”, JCD on missing 1960s “get a haircut”
0:16:25Greek protest signs portraying Angela Merkel with Hitler mustache; Indignatos marching from Spain to Brussels; Lyndon LaRouche pushing Glass-Steagall; Obama lets banks off the hook
0:25:51New York Times high-frequency trading fearmongering; Dr. Robert Shapiro predicts “meltdown across the European banking system” within weeks, solution “within the wit of man”
0:33:20Drone Nation: planted Wired drone virus story, fake photo of operators in flight suits; National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, expiring ASRC and NJVC contracts
0:40:44Producer Segment
0:48:41Raytheon “software problems” holding up their NextGen aviation work
0:49:57“Next J. Edgar Hoover” Robert Mueller on TTP Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan taking credit for Times Square bombing, Walter Winchell style “individuals may be radicalized over the internet”, PATRIOT Act to “paint a picture of a potential terrorist”, ease of SIM swapping
1:00:21Former 9/11 Commission meeting on 2008 Mumbai attack scout David Headley; DEA informant, actual name Daood Sayed Gilani, imported from Chicago of all places, comparisons with MKULTRA Anders Breivik; 9/11 hijackers aided by Saudi-funded Wahhabist mosques
1:09:53Ron Paul wins Values Voter Summit straw poll, Fox “congressman” vs C-SPAN “presidential candidate”, ACC registers as Republican, JCD: “Adam Curry was an amazing shot”
1:13:12Leon Panetta enthuses about Predator drones in Sicily; Obama’s North Africa “Armageddon”; George Clooney to Letterman on visitors to his Lake Como lair including David Gergen & Charlie Rose; ACC Red Book: Clooney’s idiot girlfriend comes out as MKULTRA sex slave
1:20:33“She gonna powder her vagina?” on network TV; Erin Burnett awkwardly avoids citing Silvio Berlusconi’s joking proposal for renaming his political party after “the female genitalia”
1:25:25ACC predicts boots on the ground due to warring factions within Libya’s TNC; Obama calling for Assad to step down immediately; Andrew Napolitano back on the air with rant over Obama’s secret kill list panel; NPR’s Andy Carvin caught flat footed by beheaded Syrian woman showing up alive and well, BBC doing damage control; New York Times on secret memo giving thumbs-up to al-Awlaki droning as Plan B
1:32:24Ralph Nader: “that’s not a president, that’s a dictator”, Napolitano: “the Congress, like a potted plant, did nothing”; Robert Mueller grilled about DoJ’s refusal to answer questions from Congress about its dealings with al-Awlaki, “we’ll get back to you on that letter”
1:38:42Donation Segment: ACC trying out “Camp Mofo in the Lone Star State”
2:02:54“Pee in the bag, slave!” on Dutch trains; secret tunnel at Schiphol Airport, “privacy is for the bathroom”; DHS field testing FAST Future Attribute Screening Technology; FBI phasing in face and tattoo recognition including “civil submissions” from Facebook
2:15:31WIPO speaker all-in on patenting the internet, saxophone patented in 1842
2:21:06Ken Burns Prohibition for end of show; district US attorney Melinda Haig on shutting down California marijuana dispensaries near schools “and Little League fields”, ACC: “that’s where we sell Adderall and Xanax!”; Pfizer Press Award; tobacco and alcohol “vaccines”