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345 Hornbag (2011-10-06)

Show 345 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Study shows: 38.2% of the European Union populace has mental problems.” (2:06:31)
0:00:41Pre-show stream shenanigans; ACC: “we have signed a lease” in Lake Travis for November 15
0:12:40Banker apologist Sean Hannity mocking Occupy Wall Street; smooth-talking “one of the organizers” to Al Sharpton shilling for Obama: “we’re all here for change”; Erin Burnett “banjooos, bongooos” teleprompter flub; Donald Trump: “a lot of them are down there for dating purposes”; Ben Bernanke nails it: “9% unemployment and very slow growth”
0:24:42Herman Cain’s unmentioned Kansas City Federal Reserve background, “what do they make of it, what do they want?” channeling Charlie Rose; Joe Biden professes respect for Van Jones “whoever he is” (CotD); George Soros feigns sympathy; “gold is money!” protestor; ACC parallels OWS and Arab Spring: “does the President kill his own citizens, yes!”; Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon’s account of “scary looking people” of US airport security on trip to Syria
0:38:33US-Canada border trench; Canadian MP Scott Brison: “why the golden showers, Mr. Speaker?”
0:40:12Producer Segment: No Agenda Roku channel; ACC finds his missing coins
0:53:35Belgian-French bank Dexia to be bailed out again, Greek debt to be shifted to a “bad bank”; St. Louis Bank of America rolls out SWAT teams to prevent black patrons from closing their accounts; Obama botches answer on BoA debit card fees; Belgium rolling out “fat tax”
1:04:19GE-USDA ad; Good Morning America “undercover” school lunch investigation
1:07:06Rick Perry “very offensive rock” gaffe, Romney “great movie star Flipper”
1:08:48Susan Rice storms out of UN after China & Russia veto more Syria douchebaggery
1:12:40Drone Nation: Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus; more nonsense about Air France 447 pilot error; drone industry spokeshole pushing NextGen system at AOPA meeting
1:21:05Protests over war criminal Dick Cheney’s book tour appearance in Canada
1:23:37And Now Back to Real News: Whitney “the same vagina??”
1:25:46US Postal Service 75-year pension funding scam; corrupt Dutch post office investigation
1:31:17CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson on White House spokeshole Eric Schultz who “literally screamed at me” over Operation Fast and Furious memos; Morning Joe on possibility of Obama stepping down; Michelle Obama’s trip to Africa with “senior staff” daughters; usher Angella Reid hired from Ritz-Carlton; Target partnering with Michelle’s designer Jason Wu
1:41:30NewsHour ad for Chevron algae; Hank Williams Jr. thrown to the curb over comment comparing Obama to Hitler; Westwood One cured of interest in No Agenda hosting
1:46:33Donation Segment: Secret Agent Paul’s wedding “douchebag and hornbag”
1:59:51New NPR CEO Gary Knell a Council on Foreign Relations and UNESCO shill
2:01:37New study finds Alzheimer’s may be virally transmitted; Pandemrix narcolepsy victims to be compensated from €30M fund; UK Gardasil PR “beauty contest”; mental illness in the EU
2:07:12Fox News’ Juliet Huddy refers to Donald Rumsfeld as “the leader of our country”
2:09:04Clinton and UN minion Garry Conille confirmed as Haiti PM; Chelsea Clinton’s 65th birthday gala for Bill with $25k “all-star weekend experience”; insider predicts Chelsea running for office
2:15:41Michael Hayden calling for more spying; State Department techno-expert job postings
2:18:13Naked body scanners at Bath train station; 506 people waiting for Gitmo jewelry in Belgium; vehicle interlock devices in Netherlands; four US airports doing shoes-on screening
2:21:51Biodiversitée: global warming scores for new vehicles in US
2:24:20Ask Adam: Good Morning America celebrates 1980s cowbell one-hit wonders
2:28:41JCD impressed by Classic Drains and Plumbing “generations of plumbers” jingle