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344 Cyber Master (2011-10-02)

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0:00:00ACC: “She has hooves, man!” JCD: “Sounds like the Budweiser wagon coming in.” ACC: “I’m telling you, she’s got hooves, clippity-clop clippity-clop!” (2:01:43)
0:00:37ACC struggling to keep servers up after mention from Lew Rockwell
0:02:53Occupy Wall Street arrests on Brooklyn Bridge; NBC tries to answer “what exactly is their message?”; Russell Simmons plugs Obama jobs bill to MSNBC, producer yelling in his ear at “corporate control of our government… did I do something wrong?”, employees paying more taxes lie; Michael Bloomberg: “if you’re a bank … would you make a loan when people are talking about putting you in jail?”; inflation and European contagion, Happy Days Are Here Again; JCD “fractalmania” and 1848 “Springtime of the Peoples” cycle, devaluation of dollar to make repaying debts cheaper, “the hookers get better looking” during a depression
0:24:57Producer Segment:; McGurk effect in language perception
0:32:25Occupy Wall Street demand list including “this evil dictator removed”
0:33:05Anwar al-Awlaqi and Samir Khan droned; Jake Tapper “grills” stammering Spokeshole Carney; JCD on Ruby Ridge massacre and FBI sniper’s sovereign immunity; Carney deflects questions onto Treasury Department, Tapper invokes “constitutional law professor Barack Obama”; McLaughlin Group’s Eleanor Clift: al-Awlaki coached “the New York Times bomber”
0:43:56John McLaughlin on Reagan’s Executive Order 12333 banning assassination, Liz Marlantes: “I don’t think there will be a widespread sense of outrage”, assassination = “foreign policy”, Pat Buchanan propagates “war on al-Qaeda” meme repeated by PBS; Samir Khan’s “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom” article; ACC proposes drone execution reality show
0:57:17Fox & Friends: “the most important fact is that he’s dead”, al-Awlaki a “cyber master”, Inspire magazine “looked high-tech and it was glossy!”; Christiane Amanpour’s “al-Alkie” pronunciation; incomplete Ph.D. from George Washington University; intercession by FBI agent Wade Ammerman, missing document cited in 9/11 Commission Report footnote 33
1:07:37School “digital judgment” sessions by UK Demos charity to combat online conspiracy theories
1:16:14Jimmy Kimmel “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship” compilation
1:19:08And Now Back to Real News: Michelle Obama shopping at union-hostile Target
1:21:47US Postal Service “a refrigerator has never been hacked” ad, JCD on pension funding scam
1:26:34€700bn European Stability Mechanism in concert with IMF, assets immune “from every form of judicial process”, JCD: “well, this is a little less violent than the Hitler approach”
1:33:30NPR caller scolds host for bias against Ron Paul
1:35:12Donation Segment: ACC’s new amateur radio “rig”
1:43:36ACC recommends Moon Rising documentary; JCD recommends Governing Through Crime book; NCIS “once a con” meme; Blue Bloods “you see something you say something”
1:48:53Ambassador Robert Ford pelted in Damascus; Lucifer Clinton takes scripted question from CNN “Jill the shill” on “campaign of intimidation”; Obama “predator drones” revisited; McCain & Graham wheeling and dealing in Libya, Shep Smith sneaks in “the not-war is still going on in a not-war way” jab, “about time to get over into Syria, huh?”; Clinton “clippity-clop clip” with Uzbek Foreign Minister; Susan Rice reveals “New Silk Road” plan for Afghanistan
2:06:01Trains Good Planes Bad: Sarkozy in Morocco; East Anglia train fixed with bottled water
2:08:17BBC admits Pandemrix-narcolepsy link; wimpy “better safe than sorry” in pesticide story
2:11:11Obama reminisces about his eighth grade classes: “I don’t think ethics would have made it on the list”; Wunderkind speechwriter Jon Lovett headed for Hollywood