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343 ZomBin Laden (2011-09-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh no, what happened?!”
0:00:32The Best Podcast in the Universe
0:01:35Planned drone attack on Pentagon & Capitol, WASP Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform at Black Hat, Ray Kelly dodges 60 Minutes question about shooting down aircraft; Rezwan “Bollywood” Ferdaus entrapped by FBI into buying “small drone aircraft”, ACC: “it’s a model airplane!”, “at no time was Ferdaus outside the control of his undercover handlers”
0:15:01ACC’s distracted dentist, waiting room aghast at drone plot; Crotch Bomber prosecutors to show bomb simulation video; no cameras allowed in Ferdaus trial vs Michael Jackson media circus; drone promotion for Nikita TV series; Al-Qaeda criticizing Ahmadinejad’s 9/11 “conspiracy theories”, “Qaeda publication” Inspire by Saudi-American Samir Khan in Yemen
0:24:18Hollywood gossip show promotion-filled teaser compilation, Chynna Phillips “vasectomy bet”
0:30:30Michael Moore promoting book on Wall Street: “capitalism destroyed my town”; Democracy Now on human PA system for Moore and Cornel West; CNN ridicules protestors who “didn’t seem to have it all together, frankly”; Greek student protestors menacing reporters
0:39:13Sketchy BBC trader Alessio Rastani; CNBC trader on “unconfirmed” trillion-dollar exposure
0:45:56Producer Segment
0:52:42Nigel Farage excoriates Jean-Claude Juncker; Juncker explains why he is a liar; Barroso calls for “real economic union”; new Greek property tax collected through electric bills
0:59:14Democracy Now on plan sell “53 miwwion” in arms to Bahrain; drones for South Korea
1:01:33Late night comedy on Obama’s current crop of lackluster Hollywood supporters; “is that his jacket?” panic over antichrist heckler; “same tax rate as a Jew… eh, as a janitor” Freudian slip; scripted LinkedIn town hall question “would you please raise my taxes?”; No Agenda buzzer; “Warren Buffett’s secretary shouldn’t be paying a lower tax rate than Warren Buffett”
1:13:33Vancouver protestors pushing for arrest of “former US Pres… Vice President” Cheney; police politely arresting marchers; Massachusetts airport suing Secret Service for tearing up runways
1:16:43ITV documentary with Libyan footage taken from video game ArmA 2; Justice Department refuses to declassify bin Laden photos and videos; Zombinladen: The Axis of Evil Dead trailer; footage top secret because it “could lead to violence” according to National Clandestine Service
1:22:48Comedy Central banishes Jon Stewart’s interview with Ron Paul to the internet
1:27:25Wall Street pepper spraying cop “Tony Baloney”; NPR Ombudsman on lack of coverage
1:31:41European Commission pushing SamKnows Whitebox spy boxes; BBC Bang Goes the Theory lies repeatedly about naked body scanners recording “your bits and bobs”
1:42:51FBC Media “guaranteed distribution placement” news-for-hire coverage of Microsoft
1:44:36Donation Segment: Boeing buying off PBS & NPR due to 787 Dreamliner woes
1:58:33Trains Good Planes Bad: “numb-brained” All Nippon Airways copilot mashes wrong button
2:02:28Seth Rogen’s goofball “worst laugh in the world”; Canary Islands evacuations over volcanic activity; Michio Kaku on solar flare near misses; ACC’s ham radio equipment in Faraday cage
2:09:25New DHS HQ in former mental institution; NDAA Department of Energy “defense activities”
2:11:41Listeria outbreak and raw milk; Obama’s German “yawning deficit”; Iran “hiker” flubs “sunstet”; battery charge over Sausalito council hand slap; ACC’s assistant ratted out by hospital
2:19:15Canadian CTV gripes about unbacked gold “as opposed by something like the US dollar”
2:21:59Animal rights activists torch fur retailer Rocky Mountain Fireworks and Fur Company
2:22:54New Zealand outlawing gardens; ACC scoping out Austin TX; Nigel Farage for end of show