Call Clooney!

342 Karma Kards (2011-09-25)

Show 342 album art
0:00:00(Sucking sounds)
0:00:34Distraction of NASA Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite plummeting to earth
0:03:01Michael Moore to Keith Olbermann: “I can’t speak for why the networks have not covered” Occupy Wall Street, push for civil disobedience, “if we don’t provide jobs” shilling for Obama plan; Craigslist ride share postings; NYPD deploying pepper spray and orange netting
0:13:08Online Journalism Awards for BBC and “Chuck Norris of Twitter” Andy Carvin, JCD dodges story about and Norris’ credit card; $40k for top OJA banquet package, $20k QR code
0:24:31$36,800 to see Obama in Seattle; “mass casualties” in Aurora Colorado as part of terrorism drills; NPR and PBS shelling out $30k for OJA opening night reception
0:29:09Producer Segment: SEAL Team 6 and 9/11 commemorative coin; the fact of the matter
0:45:39Haiku Herman in 2009 celebrating “the global management of our planet”, communist José Manuel Barroso 2008 “new global order” compilation; Aldous Huxley predicts use of drugs and propaganda to make the slave “actually love his slavery” to Mike Wallace in the 1950s
0:56:47NCIS “sometimes we must cross boundaries to protect those we care about”; Law & Order: SVU Dominique Strauss-Kahn parallel; Blue Bloods “you see something you say something”, Turn Off Your Television jingle; Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan for end of show
1:02:02Rep. Lee Terry grills stammering Jonathan Silver over Solyndra debacle, White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy director Carol Browner an Al Gore stooge
1:10:31Climategate: Times Atlas publisher caught lying about Greenland glacial loss; Rep. Henry Waxman excoriates deniers; Large Hadron Collider calls e = mc2 into question with time-traveling particles, ACC: “stand by, we are going to shoot particles now, in tree, two, one!
1:16:34Hillary Clinton’s brilliant techno-experts in Damascus releasing anti-Assad ping pong balls
1:19:33Idiot Rep. Earl Blumenauer gripes about China’s sterling reputation at combating air pollution; overproduced Republican debate with fake cheering for Rick Santorum, border fence question designed to trip up Ron Paul; producer note on California food stamps outreach program justifying fast food subsidies; school CSI game photos with JCD as suspect “Larry”
1:34:09Donation Segment
1:44:12John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: final installment, “my name is Chanancha” cancellation skit, Haqqani “crime empire” originally CIA stooges with “wizened militant” leader
1:51:31WikiLeaks cable reveals Al Jazeera director general as CIA stooge, Lucifer Clinton’s “whole of government” Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications revisited
1:56:08ACC monitoring class M solar flares, major power outage in Chile, “Cocked Pistol” EMP
1:58:10Obama’s fishy weekly address “that’s been our vision since taking office”; top two We The People petitions for legalization of marijuana and abolition of TSA
2:02:13Joe McGinniss on Sarah Palin’s evangelical “Cities of Character” program for Wasilla; BBC dropping B.C./A.D. dates; McGinniss questions Trig Palin’s parentage
2:09:11Drone Nation: domestic us of Predator and Reaper drones, plans for use in Turkey, FAA planning 2013 nationwide deployment; “I’m an IBMer” ad for NextGen system, ACC Red Book: plenty of pilot error, “the Chiners can’t even make that work for trains!” (ACCPPotD)
2:14:04New York City recruiting Volunteer Auxiliary Police to serve as “extra eyes and ears”; new show Prime Suspect with deputized security guard; London “brownies” stooges
2:18:55Hallmark’s new line of job layoff greeting cards, “Karma Kards” based on No Agenda jingles
2:22:19Law & Order: SVU insults Southerners; befuddled Kim Delaney struggles to read teleprompter