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341 Selling the Monet (2011-09-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “I don’t want refurbished! Didn’t say refurbished on the website!” (1:54:46)
0:00:40Distraction of the Week: $16 Department of Justice muffins, Rep. Ted Poe “do you know the muffin man?” spiel on House floor, “how come these critters cost $16 apiece?”
0:07:18Mount Tambora beginning to threaten “two years of no food”, 90k killed in 1815
0:10:08Breaking news: big three networks agree to use the word “vagina” in sitcoms
0:12:42Only Keith Olbermann bothering to mention Occupy Wall Street, Yahoo blaming “spam filters”; Woodrow Wilson and JFK on security state, JCD endorses The International film
0:22:00Producer Segment: no reaction to ACC’s Slave T-shirt at Mevio board meeting
0:30:04ACC in San Francisco for a Buzz Out Loud “In The Morning Wood” episode and dinner with JCD at Fifth Floor, “John was a total dick to the staff”, “psycho” sommelier, souls-vide gear at Williams Sonoma, ACC’s gastric aftermath, JCD bemoans fake duck liver foie gras
0:42:26California nixes carry-forward of losses, JCD on Oakland’s stupid blighted property liens; Ms. Micky’s U-turn traffic school, JCD story: Chinatown traffic school instructor arrested
0:48:45Andrew Napolitano on indicted defense lawyer Paul Bergrin to be wired with Taser in court; on “watch list” due to “my TV colleague and friend and fellow New Jerseyan Dr. Mehmet Oz”
0:52:31Obama “I’ve got the pens all ready!” for jobs bill, Senate sneakily raises debt limit by $500bn, odd “yawning deficit”; Jay Carney’s protruding tongue as lying tell, unable to cite portion of Confidence Men book by Ron Suskind “lifted almost entirely from Wikipedia”; Obama’s “my way or the highway” teleprompter botch; Bay Area fundraising dinner at $35,800 per couple; class warfare “badge of honor”; “Warren Buffett’s secretary” ad campaign; Ted Turner gripes about having to sell ranches and downsize art collection, JCD: “I’ll have to sell my Monet!
1:12:26Elizabeth Warren: “there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own!”, no “marauding bands” looting factories; JCD on Ted Turner’s “get the fuck out of the way!” at bar; Obama Living Within Our Means and Investing in the Future plan for just getting by
1:15:54UK billboard: bombings can be prevented by spying on movie pirates; arrests in Birmingham terrorism incident “probably close to happening”; Buzzkill Jr.’s one-way ticket and no luggage
1:20:47Eric Schmidt: low wages “better than nothing”, lies about Germany benefiting from labor cuts; USA Today/Gallup Poll: everyone loves Obama jobs plan but 36% think it won’t help
1:28:11Donation Segment: ACC’s bugged or explosive CIA challenge coin
1:41:11Newsflash: Andromeda Council declares war with Orion grays and Draco reptilians over
1:42:37UK evaluating HPV vaccines with synthetic VLPs virus-like particles; Afghanistan unsuitable for growing opium poppies prior to USAID soil acidification program (CotD)
1:50:13Drone Nation: US drone bases in the Seychelles, Ethiopia, and Saudi Arabia; Tony the Terrorist on Gaddafi-BP deal, refurbished arms from France, Yemeni tribal warfare; “pro-democracy activists” in Yemen; Haqqani network in crosshairs after Burhanuddin Rabbani assassination
2:04:19Iran releases American “hikers” on $1M “bail” from Oman, mother “couldn’t be more proud”, “I don’t think anyone thinks they were actually spying” lie; Mika Brzezinski “I’m comin’!”
2:12:50Al Franken grills DoJ douchebag on checking e-mail at work as federal crime; Canadian Safe Streets and Communities Act doubles maximum jail sentence for growing marijuana
2:19:54Queen of Netherlands announces austerity plan from her golden chariot, TNS NIPO survey shows Dutch all-in; Greek bonds yielding 125%, EU elites calling for United States of Europe
2:30:26Rick Santorum tries in vain to un-Googlewash himself; high-yielding cows slaughtered after only a few years; Executive Order 13224 continues state of emergency for another year