Call Clooney!

340 Tart Cherry Juice! (2011-09-18)

Show 340 album art
0:00:00JCD: “There’s a guy with a hookah!” (1:51:33)
0:00:32JCD back from Brazil, traffic jams on 15-lane highways, no naked body scanners in New York
0:06:34TSA agents and cops busted in oxycodone trafficking scheme involving gift cards
0:08:02Occupy Wall Street cordoned-off bull statue and free speech zones, mainstream media silent, ACC trolling NPR douchebag “Randy” Carvin who only covers Middle East and Reno Air Races crash, “not a revolution until Andy Carvin retweets it”, NPR sponsor list full of banks
0:18:33Obama weekly address on plan for “making sure we live within our means and asking everyone to pay their fair share”, American Jobs Act’s wad of cash for NextGen Air Traffic Modernization, $4bn for Warren Buffett’s high-speed rail, AIFA American Infrastructure Financing Authority iBank for recipients with “investment-grade rating” of BBB-, 35-year payback from tolls and user fees, $15bn Project Rebuild for foreclosed properties; Emergency Broadband Infrastructure to prioritize FEMA roaming communications, Pathways Back to Work Act volunteering 38 hours at minimum wage, “slaves for free” unemployed youth programs, “Buffett rule” and European wealth taxes, Netherlands appropriating second homes as “slave quarters”
0:40:13Producer Segment: JCD advocates for
0:51:19“Fast-paced television” like SpongeBob SquarePants causes obesity, ACC’s Zen TV Experiment revisited, two channels in 1970s Netherlands, JCD on remote controls and channel proliferation
0:58:49Silvio Berlusconi bragging about only sleeping with eight escorts at his bunga bunga parties “friendly gatherings”; Nigel Farage defines “European economic governance” as “part-time overseas dictators” from Troika controlling Greece and potentially sparking a revolution
1:06:33Botched FBI raid in Alameda, JCD on bungled police research as legal defense, entrapment vs policing, lack of police in Brazil vs US; São Paulo’s incomplete ban on outdoor advertising
1:15:26“Bureaucrat run amok” Dick Cheney enthuses to Dennis Miller over intelligence agencies having “figured out where Obama was … excuse me, where bin Laden was”
1:19:35The Dr. Oz Show hysteria over arsenic in apple juice, ABC back and forth with former classmate Dr. Richard Besser of CDC; scripted swine flu fearmongering with Walgreens spokeshole “pharmacist”, Oz on Walgreens posters, free flu shot gift cards, 150,000 shares of vaccine manufacturer Cigna, “ultimate antioxidant” tart cherry juice stealth ad for RW Knudsen, distraction from high fructose corn syrup vs sugar lawsuit, JCD theory: advertiser shakedown
1:36:41Donation Segment
1:49:49John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: hookah-smoking driver of antiaircraft gun truck; Fox News hysteria over “unbelievable gore” in Reno Air Races crash, preoccupation with age of 74-year-old pilot, crackpot Ron Paul assassination theory
1:57:34Uncorrected Santorum “frothy mix” Googlewashing and Executive Order 23954 hoax, PR site financed by Central Basin Water District removed by Google News
2:11:00Lower house of Haitian Parliament approves prime minister nomination of former Clinton advisor Garry Conille; Homer Simpson’s voice as found on Brazilian television for end of show
2:13:52Ron Paul wins California straw poll, Barry Manilow all-in; no mention of O’Biden on Obama 2012 swag, ACC Red Book: Gabrielle Giffords, “I’m not so sure she was shot in the head”, registered day of shooting, Gabby: A Story of Courage, Love and Resilience ghost writer Jeffrey Zaslow; 911 tape from shooting victim’s unnaturally calm daughter
2:26:30Wall Street “Insider”: Obama seeking to unionize military, callback to Andy Stapp
2:28:37Greta Van Susteren grills John McCain about 250k contractors in Iraq working on “projects”