Call Clooney!

33 The King of Beers (2008-05-30)

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0:00:17Schedule reversal; fuel price protests in Europe, upward creep in diesel prices, JCD on TV ads for railroads, UK truckers block off West End; MP Tim Yeo proposes “carbon ration cards”, JCD: “I think every cow’s gonna have to have a barcode”
0:10:27Former Press Secretary Scott McClelland’s new book, ACC theory: protecting his own life, Clinton body count; new Osmonds world tour; Sharon Stone blames Chinese earthquake on bad karma; EU considering ban on child labor goods; Newsnight puts fashionistas to work in Chinese garment industry, Sex and the City film, “get laid chick flick” listener poll
0:27:46Rep. Marcy Kaptur video explaining NASCO superhighway, Manitoba port for goods coming into Mexico, Lou Dobbs disparaged for “NAFTA highway”; JCD on journalists working for CIA, look for Confessions of an Economic Hit Man negative reviews written by spooks; media hit piece gentleman’s agreement, ACC story: MTV shitstorm over not liking Madonna, Michael Jackson “King of Pop” re-shoots, JCD on Stallman insisting on “GNU/Linux”
0:45:25European Commission trying to transition to IPv6 due to IP address shortage
0:49:25100 countries all-in on cluster bomb ban; EU RSS feed of vast information troves; JCD on monkey brain hooked up to mechanical arm; rift between Flemish and French Belgian regions; InBev to buy Anheuser-Busch; licensed Löwenbräu in 1980s; ACC’s work
1:05:16ACC all-in on TWiT copyright orphan works topic; ACC on “streaming live” meme; Girl with a One-Track Mind blog; ACC’s father’s radio play sausage making story, JCD: Google OTR old-time radio keyword, ACC “copy-paste culture” blog post
1:17:16JCD two-minute videos on location, complaints about geotagging idea