Call Clooney!

339 Cocked Pistol (2011-09-15)

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0:00:00ACC: (echo)Slaves of Europe: you have a choice …” (1:25:07)
0:00:49JCD in Brazil for feijoada and speech at Futurecom with top-shelf booth bimbos, SD card Speed Class woes; ACC’s glued-in RFID tooth, JCD: “I’m now drilling through your brain!
0:07:45New meme from Joe O’Biden: “what they call a lone ranger, a lone actor”
0:11:38Obama making the rounds with speeches for nonexistent jobs bill, “if you love me you gotta help me pass this bill!” to North Carolinians, “this bill… these buildings look great!” at Ohio high school, scripted “pass this bill!” chant prepped by warm-up guy
0:20:31New study linking cholesterol and Alzheimer’s just in time for Lipitor patent expiration, 2008 “no help” headline, report’s disclosures section linking advisory board and big pharma
0:27:38Obama campaign’s laughable new Attack Watch anti-smear site sporting Nazi color scheme, JCD on Rolling Stone logo designer Roger Black, Alex Jones-style Attack Watch spoof
0:31:49Mark Zandy analysis: Obama jobs plan “would help stabilize confidence and keep the US from sliding back into recession” with tax cuts and spending increases; Richard Branson’s proposal for switching full-time employees to part-time and encouraging vacations (CotD)
0:37:31ACC’s current water and electric bill identical to one from Hot Pockets 2008 Tour
0:40:25Producer Segment: No Agenda bingo
0:49:21IBM Watson to do diagnostics for WellPoint; JCD “leader of the resistance”
0:55:54ACC’s sister Willow runs down austerity measures in “Bunga Bunga Land” Italy; Romano Prodi predictions revisited; Greek PM George Papandreou a Minnesota native; Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger: shame “deficit sinner” nations by flying their flags at half mast
1:09:16JCD: Brazilian economy “house of cards”, airport employees riding luggage conveyor belts, former Huawei employee’s hellish experience; ACC’s interview with “elephant whisperer” conservationist Lawrence Anthony, Chinese killing one African rhino every 20 hours; JCD’s lunch with economic hit man, 5M Chinese in Congo extracting critical rare earth elements; subsonic elephant communication and migration back to South Sudan the day after peace agreement
1:20:33Biodiversitée: Nobel Prize winning physicist Ivar Giaever resigns from American Physical Society over use of term “incontrovertible” with global warming
1:22:38SNAP Survivors’ Network of Those Abused by Priests suing Pope in ICC
1:23:21Syrian opposition creating clone of Libyan Transitional National Council
1:25:38Rep. Tim Murphy grills Department of Energy’s Jonathan Silver over Solyndra subordinate loans: “I really want you to stop throwin’ everybody else under the bus”, “what do you do for a living?”; Fisker Automotive’s $500M in government money, JCD: “it looks like a BMW that has some sort of a birth defect”, backing from Al Gore, AC motors made in China
1:39:07Donation Segment: Contagion writer Scott Z. Burns responsible for An Inconvenient Truth
1:56:20Fireballs “flying across the sky” in NV and Southern CA; NASA’s six-ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite plummeting to earth, “we hope it doesn’t go bonk on anybody’s head”; September 27 DEFCON 1 “cocked pistol” drill; scheming to get ACC on Coast to Coast AM
2:04:15Wolf Blitzer gloating about CNN Tea Party Presidential Debate, Ron Paul asked setup question about the uninsured based on former campaign manager, set up by Obama shill and DNC web developer Matt Ortega, pro-Obamacare Protect Your Care
2:12:25Liverpool soccer player Nathan Eccleston investigated over 9/11 truther tweet with #OTIS “only the Illuminati succeed”; two murdered by Mexican drug cartels for tweeting about them
2:17:08Custom New York street signs by Metropolitan Etiquette Authority