Call Clooney!

337 Constitutional Values (2011-09-08)

Show 337 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Everyone else was watching the Kardashians, that’s what the Americans do …” (1:15:10)
0:00:36New York Times and Time Magazine exploiting 10th anniversary of 9/11, “never before seen pictures”;; ACC’s upcoming root canal, “they’re gonna put a chip in there!”
0:07:31EU elites now using term “United States of Europe”; C-SPAN covering British phone hacking
0:14:19Lucy Napolitano on need to protect Constitutional rights “values”, “you’re not doin’ it the right way!” in naked body scanners; Seattle TSA freakout over JCD’s trip through magnetometer; Napolitano “look!”, Americans “would rather … be safe than sorry”, if you see something say something foiling 33% of plots; MTA’s efforts to “protect the slogan”; “yes, yes, and yes” when queried about nature of “next 9/11”, “the information obtained from Ob… uh, uh, bin Laden’s compound” slip; 32-year plea deal for attempted terrorist “hate crime” bombing of MLK parade; JCD’s show idea Generation X 3, Molly Wood considering show with ACC
0:34:24Producer Segment: Chen prime and star number 337; No Agenda Party platform
1:02:17Rick Perry shills at Republican debate, Ron Paul on Mexican border: “think about those fences maybe being used against us, keeping us in”; Bill O’Reilly lies “I have read the Constitution, it doesn’t say anything about gold and silver” vs Article 1 Section 10 “No State shall … make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”, The Constitution jingle
1:09:25Rick Perry almost says “I join my fellow Democrats”, Mitt Romney defends Perry for his 2007 Gardasil executive order; Newt Gingrich: DHS should be able to handle “three nuclear events in one morning”; MSNBC plays anti-GOP SEIU ad during commercial break
1:15:10Kim Kardashian promoting sex tape after Vivid Entertainment deal
1:16:27Baristas at San Jose coffee shop Cafe Quyen busted for working topless; infantile local news report on San Francisco’s proposed legislation requiring Castro nudists to sit on towels, ACC: “it’s a naked body, you idiots!”, Turn Off Your Television! jingle (ACCPPotD)
1:20:11Ron Paul’s stumbling characterization of Perry’s Gardasil order, Al Sharpton blathers “this whole thing of Galeo was outvoted”, ACC’s Headbangers Ball teleprompter “herétic” gaffe; Julia Gillard reads “I’ll leave the political commentary and hyper-bowl to you”; JCD on vinyl records for fake interviews, ACC’s fake Janet Jackson interview, Space Ghost Coast to Coast
1:28:43Jon Huntsman’s $13 per gallon oil meme; ACC’s visit to Mel Brooks’ beach house, Jack in the Box “now accepting EBT cards” sign, Food and Nutrition Act hot food exclusion; Burger King taken private by InBev to the tune of $4bn, undercooked beef hit job in Washington
1:40:29US has never invaded a country with McDonald’s; Grand Theft Auto 4 radio caller: “eat lead, you Al-Conqueso motherfucker!”; NYT on packed Damascus shopping malls; UN calling for NATO to defend South Sudan; CNN on Russian surface to air missiles in Libya
1:51:56Drone Nation jingle; Nigeria dumping 10% of its $33bn in US dollars for Chinese yuan
1:53:48Donation Segment
2:06:5560 Minutes website plug “sponsored by Pfizer”; CNN accidentally confirms two Obamas theory
2:10:21Shadow Puppet Theater: Clinton chief of staff Erskine Bowles joins Facebook board; Google shills in federal government delivering data for Obama campaign; Thom Hartmann on “execution-style killing” of infant in Iraq; FBI director Robert Mueller at Facebook headquarters
2:18:06Pedobear! jingle, Joris Demmink formally charged with child sexual abuse
2:20:16JMD’s No Agenda ABCs illustrated book, “J is for jabroney”; Hot Pockets 2008 Tour DVD
2:25:34Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday with the Rothschilds and Inside Job producers; Footloose foots
2:28:51Museum of Obsolete Objects promo video with “don’t try this at home” incandescent lightbulb