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335 Aardvark Effect (2011-09-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “The Pacer was an interesting car …” (2:08:05)
0:00:37JCD’s prediction of trouble in Algeria comes true, Gaddafi’s “smokin’ hot” daughter
0:04:40Twelfth “foots” in four years found on Pacific coast, “so far police don’t suspect foul play”
0:06:53UN warning about mutant strain of H5N1 bird flu just in time for Contagion release
0:10:24Solar panel manufacturer Solyndra files for Chapter 11, Obama’s 2010 “dynamism” speech
0:12:51Rush Limbaugh: “some guy” compared Weather Underground and CNN and found maximum wind speed of “thirty-three miles an hour”; Cliff Mass weather blog: no evidence of hurricane; CNN on evacuations “just for bad storms”; Chris Christie’s $10bn money grab, Rep. Tom Price all-in on throwing money at FEMA; Ron Paul on bankrupt flood insurance program
0:25:06C-SPAN climate specialist blathers “weather is what you get, climate is what you expect”; Al Gore compares global warming denial with new and improved modern racism
0:31:19Producer Segment
0:40:16PBS lies “all they did was put a battery powered portable charger inside a mug”
0:46:08Obama using AT&T merger with T-Mobile for donations; Rose Garden speech on FAA bill with AFL-CIO’s Rich Trumka, “give certainty to the people who are just trying to get by”
0:54:43CNN on the plight of animals at Tripoli Zoo; BBC’s Orla Guerin explores Gaddafi’s homeland security headquarters full of signs and documents in English; CNN’s Nic Robertson confronts Lockerbie “bomber” Abdelbaset al-Megrahi “apparently in a coma, his aging mother at his side”; NATO spokeshole Oana Lungescu on “allegations” of “a hospital full of dead patients”, Bush-era human shields script, ACC: “Sieg heil!”; £140M printed up and flown in by RAF for Libyan banks; new “Libya Libya Libya” anthem, JCD: “who wrote this thing, Steve Ballmer?”
1:15:12Dan Glazebrook on Western neo-colonialism in Africa under threat from China
1:18:03Man on the street quiz on Jersey Shore vs civics, ACC: “we’re doomed”
1:20:03ATF’s Kenneth Melson reassigned over Fast and Furious; JCD on both parties trying to lose
1:25:37Shadow Puppet Theater: lone wolf terrorism expert Alan Krueger nominated to head Office of Economic Policy, What Makes a Terrorist book’s white “homegrown villains”
1:29:53Donation Segment: No Agenda PBX
1:38:24Brook Agnew on incoming Comet Elinen and “coincidence” of new emergency alert system; producer note on Alaskan federal employee bugging out; NASA’s Charles Bolden on FEMA Eagle Horizon exercise, responsibility for “people off this planet”, ACC: “how about the moon bases, man?”, warning of “attacks” in coastal areas, “think about a pet preparedness plan”, ACC: “so you can eat them”, JCD: get cozy with Mormons; ridiculous CA capital gains tax
1:49:37Al Sharpton on Rep. Steve Fincher’s proposal for “genetically modified crack, crops”
1:53:29Draft “study” blames aviation automation for erosion of critical skills leading to crashes, Pentagon & FAA creating “bubbles” for drone testing; shill Rory Kay pushing NextGen system
2:01:30And Now Back to Real News: Oprah’s OWN roping in Rosie O’Donnell; Anderson Pooper’s new interview show; Lisa Marie Presley to Oprah on Michael Jackson predicting his murder
2:05:16Obama still on green economy tear, 53 of Warren Buffet’s BYD e6 cars sold; JCD’s Pacer
2:10:25Michael Chertoff at Aspen Institute on al-Qaeda repeating Mumbai-like attack “five, six, eight, ten times”, “aardvark effect” of TSA impotence; still no timetable for Gitmo prisoner trials
2:17:34David Cameron defends “tough message” four-year sentences for encouraging riots
2:21:18Dutch Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager in favor of investment licenses; NJ police hotline for lunch room bullies; CPS child neglect threats for children biking to school in Tennessee