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334 “Hunker Down” (2011-08-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “Adam, it’s a terrible storm here, and the ducks, ducks are flying … away from the storm, it’s a bad sign, Adam, the water’s rising, it’s rising up to my waist!” (0:29:52)
0:00:44JCD at Port Angeles “Northern Encampment”; ACC Hurricane Irene “tropical wet fart” skit; ABC on Irene “roaring up the East Coast” and “pummeling that region”; tight shots on reporters on scene, JCD on Today Show reporter in canoe with guys walking past in waders; Michael Bloomberg announces closures to protect first responders; Obama and fist-pumping Lucy Napolitano cheered by FEMA personnel; Napolitano “quote hunkered down close quote”, “please stay inside, quote hunker down”, urges people to simultaneously evacuate and stay inside; stammers at Fox question “what do these guys in Washington know that we don’t?”
0:15:10ACC on Weather Underground showing 4mph winds, phony CNN anemometer; Fox reporter spitting out “sea foam”, ACC: “it’s poop!”; Weather Channel reporter photobombed by streaking frat boys; Sam Champion to Don Lemon guest hosting for Joy Behar: “could tip into a five”, goofball Bill Nye the Science Guy: “hurricanes, they’ve been going on for many many hundreds of years, thousands of years”, blathers about infrastructure and global warming
0:27:28Austan Goolsbee blames Arab Spring and earthquakes for “heavy blows” against economy
0:31:43Producer Segment
0:36:17JCD: Steve Jobs leaving to keep Tim Cook as CEO; Wozniak on Jobs reading Atlas Shrugged
0:40:11Sky News advertising head lice treatment and Thai ladyboys; “burned bodies and skeletons” in Libya; British reporters wearing Nazi helmets, man on the street with British accent wearing Gaddafi’s “Masonic sort of bushy thing” souvenir hat, reporter not flinching at gunfire
0:48:36CNN reporter investigates “Gaddafi’s RV” with “fully functional” toilet; National Transitional Council’s incomprehensible media minister on work to reopen oil refineries; “envelopes of cash” from Dubai businessman; hummer William Hague: Gaddafi “making delusional statements”; Ban Ki-moon prepared to send in blue helmets; IOM International Organization for Migration setting up shop; BBC admits Viagra story “one of the most lurid bits of propaganda to come out of this”; Washington Post photo of rebel in American University T-shirt
1:04:16UN Security Council divided on Syria due to lack of humanitarian crisis; new Syrian National Council formed in Turkey during Lucifer Clinton’s visit; Iran telling Assad to simmer down
1:19:07Two to the Head: Michael Jackson manager Frank DiLeo, Real Housewives’ Russell Armstrong
1:24:58Donation Segment: force majeure vs act of God; Show 200.5 in No Agenda Nation archive
1:38:05CVC’s 21st birthday in Las Vegas with Molly Wood
1:39:26John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: CIA drone kills ‘Qaeda second in commad
1:42:39C-SPAN callers on Dick Cheney’s new book: “pick your Dick” for Tea Party leadership, 9/11 stand-down order and destroyed tapes of air traffic controllers; C-SPAN call-in advice
1:50:23Giant HAARP cloud over Shanghai and Beijing “hundreds of times larger than the Moon” mocked by journalists: “fog, definitely!”; Russian Progress M-12M spacecraft launch failure
1:53:15London red lights to be turned green for Olympics elites; British soldiers censured for “closing ranks” in Iraq torture investigation; Home Secretary Theresa May bans demonstrations
1:57:25Obama weekly address calls for 9/11 memorial “national day of service”, promotion
2:01:50Burned Dutch TV tower Zendstation Smilde owner NOVEC BV refuses to identify cause
2:02:541964 document declassified in 2004 identifies Lee Harvey Oswald as a CIA trainee; CIA demanding the word “station” be redacted in 9/11 book by former FBI counterterrorism agent
2:06:03Local news on “amazing!” Pacific Northwest orcas; West Virginia town “under siege by birds”