Call Clooney!

333 Lions Stood Still (2011-08-25)

Show 333 album art
0:00:00JCD: “How does hangin’ out with four hot Ukrainian model babes make you a pervert?”
0:00:37“Announcing 33!” for Show 333 “formaldehyde anniversary”
0:02:01ACC on 5.8 earthquake near NSA headquarters, earthquake machine war with China theory
0:13:42B-roll of Libya rebels climbing assorted Gaddafi statues, Indian flags on fake “Green Square” in Doha; Jeremy Scahill on “NATO-enforced regime change”; ICC’s false claim to have Gaddafi’s son; Sukant Chandan: NATO “state terror” with Syria up next; rebel fireworks and European movie directors, Condoleezza Rice photo album and “crazy” memorial to daughter
0:27:472009 McCain tweet: Gaddafi “interesting man”; ridicule for “voluptuous Ukrainian nurses”, Pedobear! jingle; Hoover Institution’s Fouad Ajami paralleling Gaddafi and Nixon; ACC’s sister Lucy Buckley’s family firmly matrixed; crappy PR video for Aryan Scout drone
0:40:03NYT “handover” photo of Gaddafi-Assad handshake; article by CFR’s Richard Haass “Libya Now Needs Boots on the Ground”; SAS hunting Gaddafi while Obama golfs
0:43:21White House “Insider”: Obama now lurking in second floor study in his flip-flops
0:48:20Estimated $896M cost of Libya to US taxpayers, JCD: “no no, you film, I want to shoot gun!”
0:52:05Producer Segment
1:00:08Former Canadian PM Jean Chrétien on reason for not joining Iraq War: “they were wrong and I said so”, “Mugabe has no oil” to Tony Blair, unscripted questions from Canadian Parliament in contrast to British Parliament with “a notice of 48 hours of the questions” (CotD)
1:07:06“Anti-constitutionalist terrorist” Fareed Zakaria on superiority of parliamentary system: checks and balances “have been very useful on occasion”; Standard & Poor’s Deven Sharma stepping down, compromised Financial Times claims move “has been in the works for quite some time”
1:17:10No toxicology report on British Conservative politician Christopher Shale found two-to-the-headed in portable toilet in June, Amy Winehouse toxicology report released immediately
1:18:39H.R.1388 Serve America Act §6104 “workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people” echoed by David Cameron; Ron Paul on H.R.645 National Emergency Centers Act: “they’re setting up the stage for violence in this country, no doubt about it”; “Insider” predicts race riots; British MP Gavin Barwell on orchestrated riots
1:25:12And Now Back to Real News: Marines warned against offending Afghans by farting; China bans songs by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, ACC: “Illuminati-backed mind-controlling drone”, Michael Jackson not allowed to pee by sadistic Tommy Mottola, “good on ya, Chiner”
1:29:39Pat Summitt’s early-onset Alzheimer’s, patent expiration for arthritis drug Leukine; quiz on pushing Gardasil; Texas ImmTrac registry in cahoots with insurers; BBC HPV “documentary” by actress Jaime Winstone: “you can catch cancer”
1:42:10Donation Segment: Narrative Science generating financial news stories from SEC filings
2:01:42Failed Russian ISS supply launch; Brookhaven National Lab “sonic boom”
2:04:13Climategate: Discover Magazine declares “case closed”; CERN CLOUD experiment casts doubt on climate models; JCD irked by grimy cloth shopping bags (JCDPPotD)
2:08:03Trains Good Planes Bad: Russia building £33bn 64-mile tunnel under Bering Strait; staged NYT photo of fallen National Cathedral statue; Acela upgrade to save $4.5M per second; Warren Buffett cashing in on deregulation; SMT Rail “magnet technology” proposal
2:14:43“Lions stood still” at National Zoo before earthquake; Dominique Strauss-Kahn walks free
2:17:46Lucy Napolitano on prospects for return to lawful government: “no”, open up the door Mr. Curry, now!, IDGA Social Media for Defense and Government Conference