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332 Bud Nip (2011-08-21)

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0:00:41Hot Pockets 2008 Tour: JCD’s botched intro due to outrageously long lag, ACC avoids at Virginia RV park near NSA headquarters, “John, In the Morning to you, over?”
0:03:50Democracy Now’s PBS clip of reporter quoting Iraqi man on the street fretting about US departure; Leon Panetta pretty sure US is staying: “my view is that they finally did say yes
0:10:00Lucifer “clippity-clop” Clinton: Assad government “can only look to Iran” for support, “circle of isolation”, “circle of global condemnation”, and (finally!) “chorus of condemnation”; Uncle Don: “cankles and a hair problem”; Libyan rebels inching closer to Tripoli
0:15:53Michele Bachmann befuddled by question from kid about Rick Perry allowing Texas sheriff to sell nude photos “of my three little sisters and me”, ACC: “try Googling this: pictures of naked little girls”; “Bank of America — we’ll help ya out” offer to Perry; former Treasury official Bruce Bartlett: “Rick Perry’s an idiot”, CNN American Morning shills: Fed “more transparent today than it has been in the past ten years or the past twenty years”
0:28:26Producer Segment: no Guinness World Record for domain name forwards
0:39:52“Abhorrent” Democracy Now: ruptured pipeline releases 3,300 “barrels” of natural gas with oil spill visuals; Robert Reich on TV producer in his ear ordering him to “be angrier”
0:47:29BBC podcast explores its own stupidity in falling for Internet Explorer and IQ hoax; bogus study on ecstasy as cancer treatment run as anti-Obamacare propaganda; bogus Fox story about NASA theory of aliens attacking over global warming
0:56:16Hugo Chávez pulling gold reserves out of US, Canada, and Europe in Atlas Shrugged move, ACC Red Book: sell at $2,750; Nigel Farage: “I would stay long gold”; Democracy Now on millennial exchange students walking out after working Hershey’s factory night shift, Noodle Boy “if he doesn’t wanna cooperate with us he’s against us” revisited
1:08:25Zombielike Bill Clinton to Sanjay Gupta: “I suppose I am” a vegan, ACC: “I bet that guy has smelly farts”; YouTube video of girl trying unsuccessfully to sprout sweet potatoes sprayed with “bud nip” chemical chlorpropham, JCD on phony Berkeley “organic” farmer’s market
1:16:02Middle Tennessee State University in bed with US Army for drone technology research; AUVSI Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International keynotes on C-SPAN
1:19:54Donation Segment
1:31:55Hot Pockets 2008 Tour: Hoboken meetup, sysadmin Nick the Rat and “she’s hot” Dame Tanya, police not allowed to be photographed, upcoming K Street wrap party
1:38:59John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: Rick Perry and Vogue clone; hit piece on Rep. Darrell Issa’s business conflicts of interest; stripper-loving Australian Labor MP’s bankruptcy bailout
1:43:41BART statement on cellular service shutdown: First Amendment only applies when it’s safe; former FBI profiler Gregg McCrary on narcissistic serial killer journalist soliciting victims from LAPD; former FBI Shawn Henry fearmongering on C-SPAN about power grid’s vulnerability to cyberattack, savvy callers: “we’re hacking countries all over the place”, EMP hysteria
1:55:32Matt Taibbi on SEC whistleblower documents showing destruction of evidence and banks investigating themselves
2:00:54Lackluster Fox report on “deadly brain-eating amoeba”; half of Fukushima children showing radioisotopes in thyroid glands; new boring Extra teaser with fewer “Extra!”s
2:05:45Tom Vilsack announces FDA MOU with Rockefeller Agenda 21 Council on Foundations; Air Force raids Nevada gun store in violation of Posse Comitatus; Blackwater running security for Verizon; out-of-control “flash mob” meme