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331 Ricin Beans (2011-08-18)

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0:00:41Hot Pockets 2008 Tour: Uncle Don and Aunt Meg’s driveway in nuclear refuge Armonk NY
0:04:45“If you see something say something” traffic signs everywhere; Lucy Napolitano at Chamber of Commerce event on “special bond” with Tom Ridge & Michael Chertoff, “third-largest department”, “shout out” to Ridge, ACC: “bust it, we out”; creepy $1.1M Obama tour buses made in Canada; midnight Executive Order 13582 prohibiting humanitarian aid to Syria
0:15:28Black Secret Service “Presidential RV”; Obama touts investment in electric car battery technology which “creates energy independence”; 125 Chevy Volts sold in July; Democratic Black Caucus irked at Obama’s absence from black neighborhoods during “listening tour”
0:22:33Drone crashes into cargo plane in Afghanistan, “troops are coming home, to become cops and firefighters, with the expertise to operate them”, push for FAA integration with “completely new air traffic network”, ACC: “I’m skeet shootin’!”, panhandling veteran in Boston
0:31:10Producer Segment: Texas Tribune on Perry redirects,
0:44:53Jon Stewart steals “squirrel!” reference: “the media really is the dog in Up
0:48:27Joel McHale to Jimmy Kimmel on LAX TSA “bravo!” freeze-in-place program
0:51:00Germantown MD “flash mob” robbing stores; douchebag “administrator of the free speech program” BART spokeshole Linton Johnson on cell service shutdown: “free speech zone as designated by the Constitution”, “there is the right to be safe, and that is a Constitutional right!”, “Constitutional right to be able to get from point A to point B”
1:00:37Fareed Zakaria: US needs Prime Minister to effectively respond to credit downgrade
1:04:01Movement to register GOP for “kook from Texas” Ron Paul; “kook from Ohio” Kucinich
1:08:20Project Blue Beam “fake invasion of aliens”; Paul Krugman to Fareed Zakaria: “if we discovered that space aliens were planning to attack … this slump would be over in 18 months”
1:13:20Counterstrike authors on spook agencies posting disinformation on jihadi websites; “frightening and amazing” NYT story about al-Qaeda trying to create ricin from castor beans; former CIA douchebag: al-Qaeda “an old established firm”; John Bolton frets about “hundreds of thousands dead”, JCD: “millions!”; Wolf Blitzer frets about 9/11 anniversary, Obama credits DHS with killing bin Laden, Norway “lone wolf” meme; foiled bomb plot by Tampa man Jared Cano with Facebook “manifesto”; Obama all-in on Secret Service “men with guns”
1:30:53Obama blames Japan and Arab Spring “headwinds” for slow recovery, no double dip recession; JCD on ShadowStats unemployment on the increase; Reuters blames geomagnetic storms for Wall Street pessimism; Department of Justice’s payback investigation of Standard & Poor’s
1:36:19And Now Back to Real News: Anderson Pooper giggles about Gérard Depardieu peeing mishap
1:40:34Ron Paul’s second place in Iowa Straw Poll; Jon Stewart’s mainstream media “top tier” compilation, “how did libertarian Ron Paul become the thirteenth floor in a hotel??”, CNN “you can hold the Ron Paul stuff”; Reason’s Katherine Mangu-Ward: Paul “someone who is never going to be president”; Stewart steamrollered by Michael Steele two days later
1:49:51Donation Segment
2:04:14Artificial leg caught by fisherman in California
2:05:10Bogus Twitter reports of live rounds fired at Tahrir Square; Rick Perry auctioneer for end of show; Russia Today on “internet in a suitcase”, Romas/COIN social media manipulation; Hillary Clinton at spook conference: troops in Iraq “packing up” but delighted to stay if asked; French NATO commander: Gaddafi forces reduced to “throw the dishes against the wall”
2:19:40Tom Vilsack: food stamps program is economic stimulus; $360M missing in Afghanistan