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330 You Can Take That To The iBank! (2011-08-14)

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0:00:34Gizmodo tries “two batteries one cup” approach and fails
0:01:58ACC in Shickshinny Pennsylvania near Joe O’Biden’s broke-ass Scranton
0:04:20London resident gripes about do-nothing police, William Bratton on working with UK government to combat gangs, Kroll Inc. 9/11 World Trade Center security consultants “spies of Wall Street”, Nigel Farage’s coded reference to “Giuliani’s tactics in New York of zero tolerance”, whistleblower Richard Andrew Grove on fraud by AIG and Marsh & McLennan, former LAPD Michael Ruppert: “I am extremely suspicious that there is deliberate provocateurism … to provoke race riots” for the sake of “the infinite growth monetary paradigm”; insurance payouts for incinerated Sony and Miss Selfridge, JCD: “Mr. Bond, I will blow up the Moon!
0:22:37Rev. James Manning “sick’ning!”; Sharpton “resist we much” revisited, ACC: “nailed it!”
0:25:47Ron Paul finishes second in Iowa Straw Poll behind Michele Bachmann, headline “Rick Perry enters race”, “in the morning!” from crowd; Paul’s rebuttal to Santorum’s Iran “war propaganda” at debate, “Iran is not Iceland, Ron”, “we just plain don’t mind our own business!”
0:34:23Producer Segment: drenching for ACC’s Uggs
0:44:47Hot Pockets 2008 Tour: Akron meetup with the sysadmins, “PR girl” Cricket
0:46:51Brookings spook conference discusses military budgeting for over 7,000 drones in the air, all-in on European military force; douchebag banker panel not on C-SPAN site
0:52:00West Wing Week: Obama wants “folks in Korea driving Fords and Chevys and Chryslers”, in Milwaukee preaching “infrastructure bank” for high-speed rail, JCD: “I have a road here that’s covered with potholes, and it’s an interstate highway!” (JCDPPotD); Dylan Ratigan’s talking points rant to MSNBC: Obama should “abandon the bought Congress!” for “infrastructure bank with 2% lending”; JCD on Microsoft buying Skype instead of repatriating money
1:06:18Mitt Romney heckled in Iowa over “corporations are people” meme; Donna Brazile on Rick Perry stint as a Democrat in the 1980s, head of Gore’s 1988 campaign, JCD: “total phony”
1:10:36Hugo Chávez tweeting Fidel Castro’s birthday, ACC: “he’s verified!”,
1:14:54Nothing to See Here: Missouri ban on Facebook student-teacher relationships
1:21:39Pennsylvania “cash for kids” judge gets 28 years; San Francisco shuts down cellular service at BART station to prevent potential protestors from communicating
1:26:12Chinese counterfeiters targeting high-end wines, collecting prestige wines like Château Lafite, JCD story: cheapskate Malay Chinese showing off high-end Bordeaux
1:30:13Donation Segment: ACC drooling over new Airstream RVs
1:38:19John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: states looking into online gambling, “piece of crap” article comparing Geert Wilders to Anders Breivik, continued “Qaeda” rebranding
1:45:29Interminable PBS Kids commercial break; Rick Perry gripes about Obama’s “Isruhl” policy
1:50:01Israeli protestors roll out guillotine, commodity speculators driving food prices up
1:51:33ACC: “the Stargate is open” with shark in Milton New Hampshire 40 miles inland
1:52:39Norwegian Foreign Minister: Anders Breivik’s victims “ended their lives because they went to political summer camp”; Lucifer Clinton: “crescendo of condemnation” and “chorus of international condemnation” for Assad; Joe Lieberman’s S.1472 Syria Sanctions Act all about Lebanon and Iran; Russia Today on US military recruitment at video game tournaments, JCD on The Last Starfighter; more US military deaths due to suicide than to combat
2:10:50Obama admits his inexperience in 2004, “you guys deserve better” in 2011
2:12:59CNN on electronic medical tattoos, ACC’s RFID vaccine prediction; JCD on DNA “chimaeras”