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32 Benefits Supervisor Sleeping (2008-05-24)

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0:00:22Snow in California, wind in UK; ACC Vodafone Mac dongle, Jajah VoIP service, JCD on giving speeches to crowd of people hunched over laptops; kids on first-name basis with parents, French tu & vous, ACC interviewing MPs on Dutch radio
0:15:45Champions League Final in Moscow, Chelsea player’s mother dying; JCD recommends Iceland airport wool shop, eating yak, number of distinct Indian cuisines
0:23:13ACC tries out gamified Google Image Labeler
0:26:20Financial Times: CDOs rated AAA by Moody’s due to software error, UK £90bn bailout
0:30:05Hillary mentions Bobby Kennedy’s assassination in reference to Obama, Howard Dean scream; media all-in on Obama, Michael Eisner to Jann Wenner: we’re backing Obaama; JCD’s Democrat father and Adlai Stevenson, donation limits, media opposition to campaign finance reform, crappy Obama/Hillary ads
0:47:51JCD on automated Rasmussen poll call, ACC on MTV polls; design by public, Homer Simpson car design; Mondale dull during election but funny after loss on Carson, robotic Hillary & Obama, campaigns need Boston Legal producer
1:04:42JCD on wine dye Mega Purple; pharmaceutical patents running out, seeking strategies to “gouge the public”; copyright extensions, Picasso still in copyright, African art derivatives
1:13:56Lucian Freud $33.6M nude Benefits Supervisor Sleeping, Patricia’s maximum $5k