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329 Two Batteries One Cup (2011-08-11)

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0:00:52London riots finally covered by US media, ACC on “chavs” and social decline; David Cameron disgusted at foreign student robbed by kids pretending to help him, JCD on underground messaging system for avoiding police “kettling”; Nigel Farage notes lack of “real political motive” and calls for military on the streets, JCD: “we need a no-fly zone and I think Cameron should be out in a matter of days, not weeks”, sentiment echoed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
0:13:36Darcus Howe predicts something “serious” happening in UK; RIM and Google turning over user data to police; David Cameron all-in on shutting down social media used “for ill”
0:22:42Producer Segment
0:28:48Hot Pockets 2008 Tour: Air Marshal at Chicago meetup reveals Obama flew coach, 2004 opponent Jack Ryan’s sex club scandal with wife Jeri Ryan, “Barry” Obama; American Gothic photo near Akron, “who needs Viagra when you have guns?”, JCD’s “instant bestseller
0:42:11JCD debunks gringo “green go home” folk etymology vs “Greek”
0:45:05Script-reading Al Sharpton: “but resist we much, we must and we will much about that be committed”; Chicago extortionist Jesse Jackson, garbage-dumping racketeers ACORN
0:48:59House of Representatives page program terminated, 2006 Mark Foley sexting scandal, ACC: “I’m thinking this is Pedobear”; producer notes on MKULTRA No Excuses University cult
0:52:07Susan Rice at UN: “Syria would be better off without Assad”, inappropriate smile for “I am loathe to predict” Security Council reaction; Syrian techno-expert to PBS NewsHour: “our butteries are running out” because Assad is cutting power, charging cell phones with “glass of water with two batteries Duracell or something else”, JCD: “it’s bullcrap!” (CotD)
1:00:55Norwegian police admit they took the scenic route to site of Anders Breivik massacre
1:02:06CNBC guests predict recession and euro failure; CNN interrupts Anderson Pooper with Diana Nyad “breaking news”; Ron Paul warns CNN about end of US dollar as reserve standard
1:11:26Trains Good Planes Bad: China revising plans for new high-speed rail after deadly crash
1:14:31Bill Maher gripes at Christi Rohmer about decline of “settled science” climate change, ACC: fractal of Politically Incorrect 9/11 cowards comment; Al Gore’s “bullshit!” hysteria over climate-denying “pseudoscientists”; Ms. Micky’s “N word” Nicole Simpson; Gore calls for “American Spring”, Tea Party “funded with seed money from right-wing billionaires” lie
1:23:04George Will to Charlie Rose on American exceptionalism and virtues of “government full of blocking mechanisms”; C-SPAN lecturer on demise of bipartisanship era thanks to gerrymandering; West Virginia preparing for DHS “mass migration” drill on August 17
1:36:28ACC Red Book: earthquake machine zaps Azerbaijan to make way for invasion of Iran; YouTube video of three-year-old singing No Agenda jingles: “adios, mofos!
1:42:20Donation Segment: Top Gear fakes Nissan Leaf failure
1:56:08The Hurt Locker director taking on bin Laden film in time for 2012 election, Pentagon Hollywood Liaison Office; Pakistani raid witness asserting no aircraft took off; Nicholas Schmidle’s murky background; 33 killed aboard another Chinook, KIA SEAL Team 6 not on rescue mission, ACC: discovery of विमान vimāna “time well”; Vandenberg Minotaur IV launch
2:08:3430-day free trial offer for Abilify; contact lost with hypersonic HTV-2; Southern California lawsuit over unapproved drug hydrofluosilicic acid; Michelle Obama’s “misdirected” Let’s Move campaign making bullying targets of fat “higher body weight” kids, JCD: “kill the fat!”
2:17:28Annie Jacobsen on Area 51 flying saucer from Russia, Atomic Energy Commission injecting retarded kids with plutonium; MKULTRA Willow “will obey” Bay, Fort Detrick and AIDS