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328 Pounding the Pavement (2011-08-07)

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0:00:32ACC’s prediction comes true: with debt ceiling raised and US downgraded, Geithner in April: “no risk of that”; Christina Rohmer to Bill Maher: “pretty darn fucked”, billion-dollar hedge against default; January WSJ op-ed by Standard & Poor’s Deven Sharma against Dodd-Frank takeover; Mitt Romney conspiracy theories on Twitter, Ron Paul predicts “a lot of trouble”
0:15:46New Yorker bin Laden raid propagandist Nicholas Schmidle’s father Robert head of US Cyber Command; SEAL Team 6 shot down by Taliban, special CIA access for The Hurt Locker, shill Jack Jacobs on “stealth helicopter” crash due to rotor “clipping” wall, “it’s easy to shoot these helicopters down”, JCD: “a .45 will take one out”, bullcrap “they’re going zero miles an hour”
0:26:32The Next Wave: On the Hunt for Al Qaeda’s American Recruits spook author Catherine Herridge on “digital jihadist” Anwar al-Awlaki, “Facebook friend from Hell”, scripted conspiracy theorist C-SPAN caller, 1984 “Emanuel Goldstein” al-Awlaki at Pentagon lunch, post-9/11 al-Qaeda “was like a fortune 500 company with Osama bin Laden as the CEO”, homegrown “super cells”, fizzled Times Square bombing attempt considered “a successful attack”, “al-Awlaki is like the Dear Abby of the jihadist world”, $30k mix tape from Yemen and message “hidden” on porn sites, “something called reverb” added to tape, “he was probably in a closet with his computer, taping this thing”; JCD on creepy pixie journalist Willow Bay
0:49:29Producer Segment: No Agenda at three-letter agency; Urban Dictionary adios, mofo
0:59:45Hot Pockets 2008 Tour: Lucille Ball’s The Long, Long Trailer, Geoff Smith Nashville meetup
1:09:28Temporary FAA funding bill; Steve Ballmer TV preacher; CA sex offense “annoying a minor”
1:14:02Thom Hartmann labels Frank Gaffney a “stochastic terrorist”; Ruger receives Handgun of the Year award for Anders Breivik’s LC9; media ignoring East London riots over police shooting
1:20:06No Excuses University promo with third graders singing college fight song medley, code of conduct and “character education”, “instead of detention, students have a character violation for which they write a rethinking letter”, founder Damen Lopez’ “Six Exceptional Systems” and EST Erhard Seminars Training cult; The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
1:29:28A whopping 125 Chevy Volts sold in July; Obama’s $38k birthday party in Chicago
1:31:11Monsanto announces GMO sweet corn; ACC recommends Firefly Grill in Effingham Illinois
1:33:11Lucifer Clinton at press conference: “I come from the school that actions speak louder than words” in Syria, droning Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird: Assad regime “abhorrent”
1:35:51PBS “your local station” pledge drive segment with qi gong goofball; Harry Reid “love NPR”
1:37:39Donation Segment
1:49:25Democracy Now on ALEC American Legislative Exchange Council legislation for prison privatization and tougher drug laws for slave labor; ACC on Smithville grocery-bagging inmates
1:54:31ABC Doodle Bugs propaganda: Mail Snail is never late, Open Your Mind! song
1:58:38John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: Rick Perry prayer event with heil Hitler salutes
2:04:00Biodiversitée: student on trip to Norway killed by polar bear; Al Gore in Rolling Stone
2:06:02Presidential Study Directive for creation of “interagency Atrocities Prevention Board”; Obama’s lackluster “things will get better” mantra, veteran jobs program for “millions of workers who are still pounding the pavement looking for jobs”; 2009 “one-term proposition”
2:14:48Tape of police detective’s call with sociopath wife of Iraqi honor killer in Arizona
2:18:28WASP Wi-Fi Aerial Surveillance Platform drone co-created by military contractor Michael Tassey; FAA investigating drone use by Murdoch’s The Daily; HF QRN from solar flares
2:25:55Announcing 33: Mastercard profits up 33%, Goldman Sachs: recession 33% likely