Call Clooney!

327 Aromatic Poo (2011-08-04)

Show 327 album art
0:00:32JCD new vibraslap musical instrument
0:01:18Twitter promo for Gabby Giffords trotting out in the last minutes of the debt ceiling reality show; Rep. Gwen Moore’s American dream for her grandchildren: “I want immunizations for them, I want research done for food safety to make sure the chicken nuggets are safe!”, “I want them to be contributing citizens and pay taxes!”; Joe Biden’s “cracked head club”
0:09:40Spokeshole Jay Carney asked about Obama signing debt ceiling bill “by hand or autopen?”
0:15:30Democrat FAA funding bill “hostage” talking point compilation, Ray LaHood flustered by question about executive action, Carney blames “political dispute”, “maybe a little reporting on everybody’s part would be efficacious”; douchebag union boss Gerald McEntee on “payback” for Obama’s election, EFCA Employee Free Choice Act nixing secret union ballots
0:30:56MSNBC makes FAA wrangling about rural airports; billions in contracts with Lockheed Martin; Chris Matthews: mangled clip of Orrin Hatch “proof” of GOP “tax the poor” platform, vs “we don’t want the really poor people who are in poverty to have to pay income taxes”
0:39:41Producer Segment:,, Urban Dictionary in the morning
0:48:59Hot Pockets 2008 Tour: visiting Rino the Bearded in BFE Egypt Mississippi; stolen debit card pain in the ass; Depression-cycle activities planking and owling; Watermark restaurant
1:05:38State Department’s Chris Stevens: “I’ve been in Benghazi for about four months now”
1:10:25Breaking news: Moody’s confirms no downgrade for US Treasuries; Chinese Dagong issuing a second downgrade; JCD explains declining interest rates
1:18:06“Wall Street Averts Worst Slide in 33 Years”, Lawrence Summers: 33% chance of new recession
1:20:35Stuart Varney on 2007 “political union” EU breakup theory; breaking news with “a person with a gun” at Virginia Tech, Ms. Micky’s desire for matching guns at wedding; report assures viewers that cost of living protests in Israel that comparison to Arab Spring “isn’t really true”
1:27:12JCD on DHS whistleblower revealing overtime abuse in Port Angeles Washington
1:29:21Breathless CNN on spook Nicholas Schmidle’s New Yorker Osama bin Laden raid “Tom Clancy novel”, JCD : “they’re actually thinking than somebody’s going to be wearing a suicide vest to bed? hey honey, can you scratch my back, BA-LOOM!”, helicopter pilot’s “noise-canceling headset”, camera crew on the ground shooting B-roll for Hillary Clinton, ACC calls bullcrap on “settling with power” vortex ring state claims, heave-ho with bin Laden’s corpse
1:39:28CNN duped by Internet Explorer low IQ hoax; idiotic British TV show’s “aromatic poo”
1:42:39Biodiversit√©e: polar bear biologist fired over “integrity issues”; deadly Fukushima radiation
1:46:07Donation Segment: ACC’s Katy Perry bath towel
2:01:00JCD’s vibratone instrument; Michio Kaku on effort to “duplicate” circles near Stonehenge: “microwave ovens could be the trick!”; Monsanto-backed Proposition 19 (JCDPPotD)
2:08:15And Now Back to Real News: Access Hollywood teaser; McAfee refuses to name state actor behind ubiquitous “Shady RAT” remote access tool, ACC: “it’s the State Department!”
2:13:20Wolf Blitzer on Congressional vacation exodus, “I read about this on my blog today” (CotD)
2:14:31Gitmo Nation Down Under: transport minister gives naked body scanners “a try”
2:18:43“Most disgusting show” Toddlers and Tiaras; church abuse investigator arrested for child porn
2:20:45Obama’s Rural Council to kill family farms by requiring CDLs; Janet Napolitano fighting terrorism via truancy, Ammonium Nitrate Security Program; Fort Hood plotter’s chemicals
2:31:05Twitter’s Digital Sky Technologies funding; Sen. Ron Wyden gripes about PATRIOT Act
2:35:19Hot Pockets 2008 Tour K Street “wrap party”, next stop Chicago; end-of-show Noodle Boy