Call Clooney!

326 Carbon Cops (2011-07-31)

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0:00:34Hot Pockets 2008 Tour: Austin meetup with 33 attendees
0:02:13Corny local news report on foiled Ft. Hood shooting, Mission Taco man on the street, suspect Naser Jason Abdo yelling in court, pressure cooker bomb plan, charged with possession of firearm in Texas, gun store clerk alarmed that “he arrived … in a commercial taxi”
0:09:17ACC heavily-armed meetup crew including TSA cosplay couple, JCD: “you should move to Texas”, driveway trench from ill-advised RV maneuver, JCD on “dolled up” women, Rick Perry’s toll road agenda, JCD recommends BBQ brisket, “Twitter for truckers” CB radio
0:24:44Lisa Murkowski to camera: “imagine the confusion of the person who just occasionally tunes in to C-SPAN”; douchebag Sheila Jackson Lee pops in to demand time; Ron Paul reveals debt ceiling deal is already done; Pelosi and Sanders gripe about GOP entitlement cuts, David Dreier calls bullcrap; Marco Rubio reads “Tea Party extremist” quotes from Obama & Biden
0:37:14JCD predicts Obama Fourteenth Amendment ploy, Tom Harkin encourages Obama to ignore Congress; weekly address: lowered credit rating “a tax increase on everybody”; Kucinich proposes downgrading Standard & Poor’s; Glass-Steagall vs Sarbanes-Oxley vs Dodd-Frank
0:47:19National Council of La Raza cheers Obama for “change the laws on my own” proposal
0:49:17Producer Segment
0:58:32JCD recommends The Ghost Writer with Pierce Brosnan; New York Times promoting Cowboys & Aliens; kids singing “the distraction of the week” jingle
1:00:48Gitmo Nation Down Under jingle; jackbooted “carbon cops” in Australian draft legislation
1:04:02JCD on WWII-era extermination of Polish government by Russia; TU-154 report blames air traffic controllers, bizarre altimeter change to 1013 hPa; Air France 447 stall blamed on pilot, JCD on Chinese Boeing ripoffs and out-of-spec bolts, Acer plant in Suzhou adopting robots
1:12:41National Counterterrorism Center nominee Matthew Olsen dodges question from Sen. Ron Wyden on using cell site data to track American citizens, lawyerly “I think it’s very important to be precise about what the question is” distraction, “very complicated and difficult question”; David Petraeus to BBC on ill-defined “important objective” in Afghanistan
1:21:40Producers slipping ACC thumb drives full of goodies, Reapers rather than Predators packing Hellfire missiles, ASRC Arctic Slope Regional Corporation and NJVC oil industry contractors
1:25:18ACC’s cache of TSA documents, JCD: “Mr. Curry, open the door!”, former DHS stooge to gung-ho Gretchen Carlson on BDO behavior detection officers: “well, this is a good tool”
1:32:54NY Air National Guard to patrol Adirondacks with drones “not expected” to carry weapons
1:34:56Donation Segment
1:46:42John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: “Afghans Rage Against Young Lovers”, Islamists crowding Tahrir Square, Central Park food foragers, Turkish generals resigning en masse over Islamist Erdoğan, Libyan rebel commander killed by his own troops
1:57:56Producer note on Secret Service’s list of Lucifer Clinton’s female visitors
2:00:33Hawala money transfer system; Michael Hayden proposes “digital Blackwater”; Mimi identifies parallel between Obama and Star Trek: Voyager Vulcan character Tuvok
2:12:18Norwegian TV 2 reporter defends Anders Breivik’s father in English and French
2:15:39Skin cancer vaccine in the works, ADHD drug guanfacine vs memory loss; NHS rationing surgeries; bin Laden CIA station chief’s “illness”; JCD recommends BK Road Barbecue
2:19:29Biodiversitée: NASA satellite data casts doubt on climate models; magic 33s; “evil disbelievers!” iso; weepy Hoarders drama; South Korean scientists create glow-in-the-dark dog