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325 Axis of Abuse (2011-07-28)

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0:00:37New York Times “Seeking Alien Life Forms Right Here on Earth” possible movie tie-in
0:02:39Ask John: Jay Carney makes analogy between debt ceiling and Sophie’s Choice; Timothy Geithner invokes “80 million checks” meme to Chris Wallace, refuses to answer “what’s your plan?”; Geithner June “debt cap” revisited, ACC: “this is all one big show!”
0:10:06Moody’s profits up 56%, 35% of revenues based on recurring fees, $1bn downgrade hedge
0:13:50JCD’s tips for stealing high-tech cameras from military blimp crash landed in Pennsylvania
0:15:30UK recognizes National Transitional Council and ejects inhabitants of Libyan embassy
0:19:08Hot Pockets 2008 Tour: ACC bashing his head on low doorways in “The Duchess”, depressing New Orleans unemployment stories, ten-year NIH study Deepwater Horizon cleanup participants, ACC: “have a nice death!”, JCD “persona non grata” for New Orleans cuisine comments
0:28:28Piers Morgan to Desert Island Discs: rampant phone hacking “done by third parties”
0:31:32Producer Segment: ACC “the cowbell man”; “Weird Al” Yankovic Party In The CIA
0:44:22Douchebag Jay Carney to Fox on debt ceiling: “you should go on the air and tell your viewers there’s nothing to worry about”, meetings between Obama and GOP including “handful that we still haven’t leaked or let, you know, let you know about”; Obama reads The Audacity of Hope Chapter 5: “I decided to give private jets a try”; The West Wing “sounds like it was written by a high school girl”; Obama’s fictitious uncle “who was part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps” instead of the Soviets
0:59:41And Now Back to Real News: UK bans “overly airbrushed” Lancôme ad with Julia Roberts
1:01:44“End of al-Qaeda” and rise of “chain of chicken places” al-Shabaab, Somali Hawala money transfer system used by two women in Minneapolis; State Department website’s Syria-Iran “axis of abuse”; November 2001 Washington Post op-ed by Anwar al-Awlaki still up
1:12:05Trains Good Planes Bad: Chinese bullet train collision caused by “lightning strike”
1:13:38“Saving a billion” meme with layoffs at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse
1:15:45Jon Stewart compilation of CNN quoting idiotic tweeters like @LadyBigMac and @DogFart
1:18:11ATF douchebag William Newell to Rep. Darrell Issa of Operation Fast and Furious: “in my opinion we did not let guns walk”, Issa: “you’re entitled to your opinion, not to your facts”
1:19:52Stuttgart Germany raid on right-wing “lone wolf” plotters; “connect the dots” between “eerily similar” Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh; Breivik taking steroids and ephedrine, map of his route on island of Utøya, heavy mystery suitcase, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 training; scripted Fox military pundit Ralph Peters: “I’m waiting for the Baptist suicide bombers”; JCD on terrorism vs mass murder, ACC on Norway’s failed REDD carbon tax pilot program scam
1:31:42Congress al-in on Obama’s request for illegal extension to Robert Mueller’s ten-year FBI term
1:35:14Donation Segment: Book of John code; Mueller’s extension approved 100-0; NASCAR prayer
1:56:34JCD on unpaid variety show contestants, Mary Murphy So You Think You Can Dance screech
1:59:19Executive Order 13581 Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations for obscure “Brothers’ Circle” slang for Russian mafia; “malfunctioning” Minuteman 3 ICBM destroyed
2:08:37RTE’s Richard Downs on Catholic Church covering up Pedobear activities in Ireland and elsewhere; debate over Cold War with Russia; Cyprus credit downgraded; ACC Red Book: seizure of Russian assets; US cybersecurity chief Randy Vickers resigns over CIA website vandalism, LulzSec arrest over PayPal malware download; JCD on Napster boosting CD sales
2:18:40Cryptic remark that Higgs boson theorist Lederman “connected the word God with another word that I won’t mention here”; Andrew Napolitano Fast and Furious rant for end of show