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324 Cut, Cap, Duck & Cover (2011-07-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “No no no, you can’t use 33!” ACC: “No, man, you can’t call 33 now, man, that’s the wrong code, no good!” JCD: “Wrong code, wrong code!” (2:11:54)
0:00:40Hot Pockets 2008 Tour: “Scientology center” Clearwater Florida, microbrews from minion of Lucifer, St. Augustine and Savannah tourist trams, cobblestone River Street, Living a Primal Lifestyle podcast’s Nico de Haan and Sir Gitmo Slave at Orlando meetup
0:14:38Obama American dream in The Audacity of Hope: “retire with some dignity and respect”
0:16:18Producer Segment: ACC’s new CB radio; Ms. Micky’s “Jerky Island” dyslexia
0:28:0277 killed in Norway by terrorist Anders Breivik, drill in same building on previous day, manifesto in English, Continental “goth pilot” Ian Dutton @DarkPilot on scene in Haiti and for 9/11, Wikipedia page appearing from nowhere, oddity of Norway not being EU member
0:39:45Christine Lagarde on expansion of Greek bailout, bank accounts for all citizens; not a peep from clueless Obama about Anders Breivik massacre, media noting Timothy McVeigh parallel
0:45:17Producer links Russian FSB and dead whistleblowers Webley and Hoare; David Cameron’s unanswered question about Defense Vetting Agency; John Sarbanes’ Greek ancestry
0:50:48Amy Winehouse a member of the “27 club” of musicians dead at 27, no mention of kids killed in Afghanistan in the past week (ACCPPotD), new album to buoy Universal’s bid for EMI
0:53:30Drunk Tracy Morgan soundalike Charlie Rangel; Obama claims bipartisan applause for Tom Coburn pushing “cap, cover, and duck” proposal that “addresses what is said to be needed by the rating agencies”; “the people sucking off the program are going to be the ones that lose”
1:02:46Joe Lieberman’s “do you agree” leading question on Iran’s nuclear program, Lindsey Graham on “low” military spending as percent of GDP, showboater John McCain gets tough with Pakistan supply route questions; Jay Carney lies “the economy is vastly improved”, Obama “wakes up every day and goes to sleep every night” thinking about the slaves; Kelly Ayotte all-in on “long-term detention facility” for AQAP and al-Shabaab
1:18:17State Department ignoring FOIA requests on 5,500-person private army for Iraq
1:20:28San Francisco police blaming shooting victim for shooting himself without a gun
1:22:12Don’t ask don’t tell repeal finally certified, “usual and customary behavior” “Klinger law”
1:26:50Piers Morgan quotes Cornel West’s denouncement of Obama as “black puppet of corporate plutocrats”, West hypes “Poverty Tour: A Call to Conscience” with Tavis Smiley sponsored by NEA and AARP, refuses to name a single Republican worth voting for; Dennis Kucinich warns about Chained Consumer Price Index leading to seniors eating cat food
1:36:12Donation Segment: ACC commiserates “RVs are not designed for women”
1:48:52Australian Sen. Mary Jo Fisher’s bizarre carbon tax “dance the Hokey Pokey” rant
1:51:34Anthony Weiner’s sex addiction rehab, New York Post “Huma, Her Mother, and Hillary”
1:53:01White House Rural Council rolling out Agenda 21 smart meters
1:54:58MSNBC trots out incompetent Al Sharpton; Michele Bachmann’s migraines and “gay hunter” husband, pharmaceutical shill Sanjay Gupta: “I suffer from migraines myself”
2:03:01Enbrel ad with Phil Mickelson; Celebrity Rehab “intense and protracted” marijuana withdrawal
2:07:22John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: Beirut, Baghdad, and Oklahoma City triple; Boehner not taking Obama’s calls, tax the rich meme
2:10:41Announcing 33! jingle, Chinese bullet train collision kills 33; Japan wins Dubai World Cup
2:14:16The Talk with Sharon Osbourne applauds vegan guest; JCD stammering compilation
2:16:53Obama displays his 180° reversal of drug decriminalization promises