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323 CIA vs MI6 (2011-07-21)

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0:00:35Hot Pockets 2008 Tour: Charleston SC KOA, tethering on three phones, book signing for, Asheville “lesbian meetup”, Biltmore Estate with 43 bathrooms, “how ironic is it, I can’t poop in Anderson Pooper’s house”, Live Oak Farms raw milk
0:16:21Women’s World Cup won by Japan because of Fukushima, NASCAR win for Army car, “shut up” second place for Tony Stewart who in 2007 claimed the sport was rigged; MKULTRA Betty McCollum’s “limit the motorship sponsor racing” revisited
0:21:06British Parliament hilarity over Claire Perry’s Monty Python voice; British phone hacking scandal a possible CIA-MI6 conflict; David Cameron “the buck stops here”; douchebag Cameron refuses to answer BSkyB acquisition questions from John Cryer and Dennis Skinner, “for the fourth time, I’m asking for the name of the company!”, ACC: “vaginal washing sack!”, “gotcha!” rejoinder; ACC: distraction from “abhorrent” government surveillance (ACCPPotD)
0:35:18MP Louise Mensch to Wolf Blitzer: Piers Morgan admits in new book to using “little trick” to access voicemails, Morgan blusters about “breathtaking gall” of claiming Parliamentary privilege; Rupert Murdoch whistleblowers George Webley and Sean Hoare two-to-the-headed; UK Bureau of Investigative Journalism publishing numbers of civilians droned by US, funding from David and Elaine Potter Foundation of Psion computing fame
0:49:25Rupert Murdoch “nope!” when asked if he was “ultimately responsible for this whole fiasco”
0:50:50Producer Segment: No Agenda card game
1:00:16MSNBC halfwit Contessa Brewer to Rep. Mo Brooks: “do you have a degree in economics?”, Brooks: “yes ma’am I do, highest honors”
1:02:25Rep. Jackie Speier challenging Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal with story of gay recruits Blake Stevens and Keith Phillips sodomized with objects; Lucifer Clinton in “glorious city of Istanbul”: “drawing down our troops is not the same as leaving or disengaging”; producer note on drone program “total mess” of warring factions; JCD on industrial hard drive shredders
1:12:12CNN idiot Brian Todd: “we’re unable to reach LulzSec”, “we have joy, we have fun, we have messed up Murdoch’s Sun” tweet, ACC looking for Seasons in the Sun codes; 33 in the news
1:18:16BBC science reporting survey warns against “giving free publicity to marginal opinions” by presenting “the views of minority groups as if they had the same weight as the scientific consensus”; CERN CLOUD Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets experiment linking cosmic rays and cloud formation; JCD investigating disgraced Harvard biologist Marc Hauser
1:23:55One in 66 Americans on antipsychotic medication; Bristol UK zombie apocalypse plan
1:29:01Obama throws Elizabeth Warren under the bus and nominates Richard Cordray to head CFPB to do “a whole bunch” of things for consumers, Obama blows Cordray Jeopardy! punchline
1:33:40Producer note on Eurobond flexibility in currency and issuer, Sarkozy-Merkel secret handshake
1:36:47Donation Segment: Lucifer Clinton all-in on Greek austerity
1:55:21Hugo Ch├ívez blaming State Department for giving him cancer; TNC still “interlocutor”
in spite of meeting with Gaddafi; earthquake machine hits Kyrgyzstan; Irish irked at Vatican
1:59:47CNN Pentagon shill Chris Lawrence to Wolf Blitzer on “billions and billions of dollars!” missing in Afghanistan, Sen. Claire McCaskill irked by “lack of cooperation” by central bank; Obama’s American dream revisited, JCD: “not to mention the potholes!” (JCDPPotD)
2:04:42ABC on DHS power plant “tempting target for terrorists” warning; CNN douchebag Chris Lawrence: “the homeland is always going to be under threat of attack” by al-Qaeda “affiliates”
2:14:33Rep. John Sarbanes denounces Turkish occupation of Cyprus, Ms. Micky on fat Russians