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321 Internet in a Suitcase (2011-07-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “What?? the Internet in a Suitcase program? Wow!” (1:51:38)
0:00:36ACC about to head out on Hot Pockets 2008 Tour with Ms. Micky at the wheel
0:02:31George W. Obama debt ceiling fearmongering: “pull off the band-aid, eat our peas” with a weird head jerk, stimulus “saved millions of people their jobs, or created a whole bunch of jobs”, Recovery Act phaseout now causing public sector layoffs, arrogant “let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large”; Just Gettin’ By Is My American Dream jingle; Jay Carney scolds media for wanting TV cameras in press briefing
0:12:24Moody’s CEO Raymond McDaniel’s golden parachute, ACC Red Book: imminent downgrades; Obama’s Social Security fearmongering to CBS; Ron Paul to Ben Bernanke: “do you think gold is money … why don’t they hold diamonds?”, Bernanke: “well, it’s tradition”
0:24:55Pastor James Manning offers his services to CNN, Michelle “fist-bumper” Obama disbarred in 1991, asserts communist Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s biological father
0:32:03Producer Segment
0:45:48Rupert Murdoch’s probable pedophilia dirt on politicians; Gordon Brown to BBC: “shocked” at Sunday Times’ access to his son’s medical information; Murdoch a fractal of Robert Maxwell
0:55:45Trains Good Planes Bad: APM Marketplace’s Kai Ryssdal on Shanghai-Beijing rail line: “did I mention the 33 billion dollars?”
0:56:57Obama’s 2008 “no more secrecy!” promises; “my father served in World War II” revisited; roster of all the things US could have spent Afghanistan $2T on
1:02:27Bogus story of Osama bin Laden’s DNA collected via CIA door-to-door vaccinations
1:05:23Airport security “it only takes one” meme, Dana Perino all-in on TSA because there are “mothers in the world that will strap bombs on their children and put them on planes”; Rep. John Mica “appalled” at current state of the agency, gripes “they send us people like this” of spokeshole John Sammon; Dr. Zuhdi Jasser to Fox on “doctors of death” educated in US and working with al-Qaeda; JCD “I’m not sure I understand the question, but…” testimony trick
1:21:35Chertoff Group’s Larry Castro pushes “dot secure” internet: “what we give up is our identity”
1:26:05Donation Segment
1:37:18Julia Gillard: “the science is in” on climate change; douchebag Al Gore’s “new normal” meme-fest, “on September 14th, the world will join hands to create 24 hours of reality”, “reveal the deniers”; MIT Prof. Richard Lindzen to Australian TV: not much distinguishable warming since 1995, climate models full of “fudge factors”, warming “good for some people”, 5% emissions cut “nothing for all practical purposes”; Invasion of the Body Snatchersdenier!
1:48:32State Department shill Michael H. Posner at New America Foundation on “Internet in a Suitcase” program, addressing “leaders, policy makers, journalists, techies, activists”, ACC: “so that’s everybody: techno-experts!”, Hillary’s “venture capitalist approach” to supporting activism, “slingshot program” for censored content; New America’s CIA star logo, CEO Steve Coll’s book Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA; Internet in a Box trademark
1:59:12Lucifer Clinton welcomes chinless “High Representative” Ashton, “President Assad is not indispensable”, Ashton lies about “enormous cheer” in Juba for Susan Rice; EU in Benghazi
2:12:22RE. Ted Poe on mercury in compact fluorescent lightbulbs and possible cancer link
2:13:34The Nation report on Clinton Foundation’s shoddy formaldehyde-laced shelters in Haiti
2:17:17Bill O’Reilly rants about danger “multiplied by a thousandfold” of legalized drugs
2:18:18Hamid Karzai’s brother Wali two-to-the-headed