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320 Dead Man Walking (2011-07-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ev and Biz?” ACC: “Ev and Biz.” JRP: “And you can always follow me on Tweeter”
0:00:38JCD absent from Ms. Micky’s birthday party with Molly Wood, arrival of cops at 1:10 am
0:04:34Two “coincidental” reports invite federal crackdown on marijuana producers and dispensaries, top ten negative effects including “merriment” and “heightened imagination”, ACC’s stoned “best landing ever”, JCD: “I don’t see our radicals complaining about this Republican president”, some Democrats starting to hope Obama will not run in 2012
0:15:01Spook Thomas Friedman at Aspen Institute Ideas Festival: Ross Perot won 20% of the vote in spite of the fact that “he was nuts!”, Michael Bloomberg a viable third-party carbon tax candidate; gasoline exempt from Australian “carbon price, or the carbon tax, whatever you’d like to call it”, Finance Minister Penny Wong: goal “transforming the economy”; Energy Secretary Chris Huhne predicts 30% increase in energy bills due to “green reforms”
0:25:43Obama’s denial that even economists recognized recession’s severity vs Christina Romer’s “this is your holy shit moment”; “headwinds” meme resurfaces in weekly address, blame heaped on Greece; Jay Carney downplays miserable employment numbers: stupid Americans don’t “sit around analyzing The Wall Street Journal”; JCD on ShadowStats real 22.5%
0:34:16Producer Segment: Justice Stephen Breyer on monitoring Libya “through the Tweeter”
0:49:11Admiral radio and TV ad with catalog for a “penny postcard”, JCD: “those days are over!”
0:51:00Outraged Portugal dumps Moody’s after downgrade of debt to junk status
0:56:41Obama pushes for “rebuilding our roads and our bridges and our railrays
0:58:13Italian economic tensions over Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti’s feud with Silvio Berlusconi
0:58:36David Cameron calls for reform of media laws in light of News of the World scandal, former communications director Andy Coulson arrested; JCD Red Book: openly gay Chris Bryant for PM; Bryant takes Murdoch to task in Parliament
1:08:05Switzerland blocking Syrian assets; 7,000 blue helmets in South Sudan, CNN Senior State Department Producer Elise Labott enthuses over “really intensive US engagement in helping to nation-build!”; Libyan rebels cut off by NATO; Salva Kiir Mayardit’s cowboy hat fashion
1:16:53Fox News “Muslim hottie” on Leon Panetta’s trip to Afghanistan, bin Laden “treasure trove”; Journal of Experimental Social Psychology article “Casualties of War and Sunk Costs: Implications for Attitude Change and Persuasion” with “blood and treasure” as psyop
1:25:22Donation Segment: war on juries meme taking hold
1:38:58John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: unrest in Malaysia and Tajikistan
1:41:27Stammering Thomas Friedman: “every single one of these Arab leaders is dead man walking”, Israel-Palestine “train wreck”, SNN Shaam News Network footage from Daraa Syria (CotD); Aspen Institute @ev and @biz
1:50:43Nigel Farage takes Donald Tusk to task for declaring the EU “not as bad” as USSR, Barroso introduces “blue-card question” for “Mister Goebbels”, Farage: “yes I want you sacked as Mr. Schulz well, I want you all fired!”; Dutch insurance companies all-in on automotive black boxes
1:59:26DHS’ Greg Schaffer haltingly dodges questions from Rep. Jason Chaffetz about spyware embedded in imported electronic components; JCD on hardware keyloggers from New Zealand
2:06:05H.R.2411 Reduce America’s Debt Now Act for voluntary donations, JCD: “extortion scheme”; ACC on local Ralph’s grocery store employees screwed by Obamacare
2:11:34Rep. Peter DeFazio proposes end to Pentagon’s NDAA auditing exemption, missing $2.3T
2:16:14Douchebag Ann Coulter mocks John Stossel over drug decriminalization, annoying laugh loop