Call Clooney!

31 Truth to Power Ratio (2008-05-17)

Show 31 album art
0:00:17ACC’s instrument flying, VFR vertigo in clouds; JCD on No Agenda “in the meta sense”; ISDN 60ms delay, Skype’s minimal latency, JCD Comcast boost, painful satellite delay; small edits due to dropped connection, MTV “safety”; dealing with photographers, digital Hasselblad; phone call edit; Irina Slutsky Cranky Geeks marriage proposal
0:18:08Belgian listener’s issue with “pooh-poohing”; Bush Knesset “appeasement”, Neville Chamberlain, lame Wikipedia bio, possible Obama label, Obama on talking to Ahmadinejad, Hillary “obliterate Iran”; Democrat memes “justice, not vengeance”, “gravitas”, “truth to power ratio”
0:35:14ACC’s tax lawyer and DHS first responder on tainted Chinese toothpaste in sanitation kits
0:39:06ACC’s AT&T and O2 roaming screwed-up voicemail; JCD defends Mevio on TWiT
0:46:38JCD on kid wearing helmet to ride kick scooter, nine-year-old ACC skateboarding on Texas hill, JCD on Gordon Ramsay and self-esteem movement; two kids in Holland’s Got Talent semifinal, Vaudeville hook and rotten tomatoes
0:57:14ACC’s jailbroken iPod Touch; JCD all-in on digital cameras geotagging photos on Tech5, ACC on geotagging Amsterdam sites with museum-like voiceover, weed service; Tracfone & Cessna
1:12:32ACC’s crappy NTL “NT Hell” internet; Bordeaux in cartons with “sensory straw”; JCD on re-wearing shirts; The Guardian “suck it and see” headline, patent US6129265 “beverage container with entertainment features”, Tetra Pak history with centrifuge technologies