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318 Reckless & Provocative (2011-07-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “And you know what’s gonna come out? Fish.” (2:01:15)
0:00:35ACC Red Book: new CNN news director lasts a year and then brings in hot chicks
0:07:41And Now Back to Real News: Lindsay Lohan shilling on Twitter for National Inflation Association and 1-800-Muffins at $3500 a pop, NIA a pump and dump Alex Jones advertiser
0:13:10Spokeshole Jay Carney announces Twitter Town Hall with “hashtag number sign ask Obama”
0:20:04Bill Clinton to Wolf Blitzer on Obama voting against raising debt ceiling: “it’s nutty”; Carney cites “career people at the Treasury Department” for debt ceiling, “playing chicken” meme; Obama weekly address resurrects “corporate jet owners”, “we have to say to a medical researcher, you can’t do that cancer research”; Malia’s age “gaffe”; JCD: “classic Washington payback” for Obama’s lack of leadership, 2009 tax breaks for aircraft manufacturers
0:32:04Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance drops case against “Dominique Smith-Kahn”, Sarkozy-Vance connection, coincidental resignation of DA sex crimes unit chief Lisa Friel; victim Nafissatou Diallo’s phone call to jailed boyfriend, lawyer going on about “bruised her vagina!”
0:39:13Producer Segment: NBC News Trains Good Planes Bad and British royal newlyweds
0:58:22National Strategy for Counterterrorism addressing “adherents” who are “inspired by” al-Qaeda, Presidential Policy Directive 8; “Usama” spelling a thing of the past
1:05:06Compilation of “CIA mouthpiece” Fran Townsend stammering over her script, role on CIA and DHS external advisory boards, “look!” for losing battle in Yemen, AQAP “main al-Qaeda affiliate” poised to launch attack on US; BBC on cars “lining up for days” to buy gas in Yemen, “is this making them angry?”; Townsend: Pakistan “incredibly precarious”, “look!” at relations at lowest point in decades; guest reading Fareed Zakaria’s teleprompter line
1:19:16Lucifer Clinton meeting lookalike Foreign Minister Trinidad Jiménez in Madrid, Gaddafi threatening retaliation for NATO bombing; CNN on Libyan women receiving AK-47s; Clinton in Lithuania: Syrian demonstrators “attacked with knives by government organized groups and security forces”, threatens “increasingly organized resistance”; Bloomberg on State Department and Microsoft teaching “tech camp” for activists in Vilnius with Twitter and Facebook
1:33:43750k British government workers on 48-hour strike over austerity, “there’s a bit of anger”, unblinking MKULTRA Ed Miliband repeats litany of “these strikes are wrong”, “reckless and provocative”, and “get ‘round the negotiating table” talking points four times to BBC
1:41:29Donation Segment: ACC’s laser back therapy
1:53:08John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: new “Mixing Guns and Mental Illness” meme, John Lennon “closet Reaganite” during Carter administration; Dominique Strauss-Kahn case and forthcoming Mission Impossible — Ghost Protocol; “Iraqis hope US commandoes stay” meme
2:00:59Keck Observatory spots Stargate over Hawaii; planes “punching holes” in atmosphere meme
2:03:08German Green Party up in arms over health effects of phthalates in sex toys
2:05:18Recruitment e-mail from University of Nebraska Intelligence Community Scholars program
2:08:00CBS hit piece on House Republicans passing patent extension for Angiomax blood thinner; New Scientist article by Crop Protection Association’s Monsanto shill Dominic Dyer
2:14:0318 U.S.C. §607 forbidding solicitation vs “dinner with Barack and Joe” sweepstakes
2:15:39Timothy Garton Ash to Charlie Rose on Germany running EU
2:20:22“Blogger Bob” becomes “TSA Cancer Cluster Myth Buster”; Prince of Monaco’s bride attempts to flee; Google voice search; Ernest Hemingway’s FBI paranoia and shotgun “suicide”
2:29:41Rep. Peter King calls for much mopre intrusive TSA, “they’re plotting somewhere to kill us”